Easy Halloween Crafts

There are many different easy halloween crafts you can help your kids make to decoration and ring in the halloween holiday.

The kids can be excited about more than just costumes and trick or treating, these crafts are fun for all ages (I'm not a kid any more, but had a blast making these!).

Many crafts all with pumpkins, ghosts and witches!

What You Will Learn on This Page:


Cone Witch: A fun and whimsical decoration for your front step!

Wicked Witch Bookmark: Keep your place in your favourite book and catch the wicked witch at the same time!


Egg Carton Ghost: Hang up some cute Halloween ghosts made of egg cartons and tissue paper.

Achoo Ghosts: Turn some ordinary Kleenex into fun little ghosts to decorate for Halloween!

Footprint Ghost: Stomp out some more ghosts with this craft.

Coffee Filter Ghost: Who needs coffee! Let's make ghosts out of coffee filters.


Halloween Pumpkin Critters: Be the talk of the classroom with a cute pencil topper. Make one for all your school friends!

Paper Bag Pumpkin:A one of a kind way to give your your treats on Halloween!

Walnut Jack O'Lantern: Make yourself some mini pumpkins to decorate!

Egg Carton Jack O'Lantern Treat: Fill this Halloween craft with treats for a fun way to say Happy Halloween to your friends.

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Halloween Critters

What a great idea for fun gifts for all your classmates on Halloween!

Supplies: Pom Poms, Pipe Cleaners, Googly Eyes, Felt or Foam, Scissors, Construction Paper, Glue

Age Range: 4+ years old

Time to Complete: 15-30 minutes

Get Crafting: Pumpkin Pencil Critters

Paper Bag Pumpkin Treat Bag

Be the talk of the block on Halloween night with these trick or treat candy bags!

Supplies: brown paper bags, orange and black paint, green construction paper or foam, green pipe cleaner, black marker, wrapped candies, glue, scissors

Age Range: 3+ years old

Time to Complete: 30-45 minutes

Get Crafting: Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

Walnut Jack O'Lantern

Let's shrink the size of our Halloween decorations with these mini pumpkins!

Supplies: Walnut, paint (orange and black), pipe cleaner (green), and paint brush

Age Range: 2+ years old

Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Get Crafting: Mini Jackolantern

Egg Carton Jack O'Lantern Treat

Fill this with treats and say happy Halloween to all your friends!

Supplies: egg carton, paint, pipe cleaners, paint brush, glue and scissors

Age Range: 3+ years old

Time to Complete: 15-30 minutes

Get Crafting: Kids Halloween Crafts

Egg Carton Ghost

Whimsical and fun way to decorate for Halloween. These ghosts can be made to spook or just made to be cute!

Supplies: Egg carton, tissue paper (white), paint (white), string, googly eyes, scissors, paint brush, and glue.

Age Range: 4+ years old

Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Get Crafting: Egg Carton Ghost

Achoo Ghosts

Fun little sneezers to make your home or classroom festive for Halloween!

Supplies: Kleenex, Black Marker, Piece of white string

Age Range: 2+ year old

Time to Complete: 15 minutes

Get Crafting: Preschool Halloween Crafts

Footprint Ghost

Make some more ghosts made with your very own feet!

Supplies: White Paint, black Marker, black Paper, bowl or container, and bare, clean, feet

Age Range: 2+ years old

Time to Complete: 20-30 minutes 

Get Crafting: Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Coffee Filter Ghost

Forget making coffee in the morning! Let's make ghosts instead!

Supplies: Coffee filter, fishing line, paper roll, black marker

Age Range: 2+ years old

Time to Complete: 10 minutes 

Let Us Teach You: Ghost Crafts for Kids

Cone Witch

A fun and cute witch to decorate for Halloween night!

Supplies: Construction paper, scissors, glue, markers and googly eyes

Get Crafting: Kindergarten Halloween Crafts

Wicked Witch Bookmark

Learn how to defeat the Wicked Witch with you favourite book!

Supplies: Green Bristol Board, Construction Paper (various colors), Scissors, Glue, White Straw, Red Sparkle Glue, Black Marker

Age Range: 4+ years olf

Time to Complete: 30-45 minutes

Get Crafting: Halloween Crafts Kids

These are just a few of the many easy halloween crafts you can help create. It's a great way to spend time together as well as keep your kids creative and imaginative!

Decorate for trick or treating, your kids will be proud to have their friends stop by for some treats, and see all their creations!

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