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Marie from Make and Takes

Here's one of our great crafty guru Marie, from

Make and Takes is filled with great parenting advice, activities for children, awesome crafts and tasty recipes. It was a great pleasure to connect with Marie and get some superb advice from her.

Little Bit About Marie & Her Inspiration

"I'm a mom to 3 little munchkins and we live in Seattle. Pre-children, I taught Kindergarten for 4 years. That's what started me off blogging about kids crafts, I've always had a love of crafting with kids."

Marie's 3 Pointers When Crafting with Kids

  1. Be prepared for mess. It's just going to happen, so prepare ahead of time. 
  2. Let them create. Even if you have a plan or pattern, let the kids go off the plan if their creativity takes them in a different direction.
  3. Keep it simple. No need to go all out with 10 different supplies for one craft. There are plenty of fun things kids can make with 2-3 supplies, like pipe cleaners and beads! 

Some of Marie's Favourite Crafts

A great craft for children between the ages of 1 to 4 year olds: 

Great idea to learn the alphabet with 5 to 7 year olds:

Benefits of Crafting with Your Children

"There is so much a child can learn from crafting: problem solving, math, reading, creativity, working in a team... the skills are endless!"

Marie's Silliest, and Most Creative Craft

"I love to craft with googly eyes, they are one of my favorite supplies. I loved these silly rings we came up with to wear:"

Ten Most Important Craft Supplies to Have on Hand

Here's a video I've done with my kids showing our favorite kid crafty supplies to have on hand:

What is "Make and Takes" & Her Website Inspiration

"The name came from some family of mine, I was always bringing crafts to create, providing a "make and take" for my siblings and friends. So I created the site to share what fun things I was doing, thinking there might be others looking for ideas to create with their own kids."

Marie has some great tips and tricks, and some awesome crafts. We had a blast doing this interview and can't wait for more new and exciting things from Marie and her website.

She has also developed a great book, called "Make and Takes for Kids" filled with family fun crafts, and you won't need expensive crafting supplies to do them! 

Happy Crafting!

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