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Korbie, Our Mini Expert of Special Occasions

Korbie is even smaller than Quaker (and, yes, they have measured to make sure). She just loves celebrate family and special occasions. 

Here's a bit more about her!

Full Name: Korbie Tiny Squeaker

Age: Unknown (her parents couldn't keep track of all the kids birthdays)

Birth Place: Pet Shop in New York City

Favorite Movie: Ratatouille

Hobbies: Cooking, eating, crafting

Favorite Craft: Crafts of animals

Motto: "Food is the way to the heart!"

A Little More About Korbie:

Another of our tiny critters with a very large personality and even larger heart! She also has an unusually large appetite for such a small critter.

Korbie is by far our hungriest critter. We still can't figure out where she puts it all.

She also has a huge heart and just loves everyone and everything. She never has a bad thing to say about anything!

She loves crafts about animals and special occasions because its a great way to give home-made gifts and make everyone feel special.

Mother and Father's day are her favourite.If they could have a brother and sister day she would love that too! Though she has many, MANY brothers and sisters!

Korbie joined our Crafty Critters by accident. She was born in a pet shop in New York city. The nature of those places are no fun! She was caged and kept losing her family as they got adopted. She finally got tired of all the goodbyes. Being the run of all the mice she never got chosen.

One night she escaped and hid in the cargo area of the first bus out of town. This landed her here.

We happened to be at the bus depot waiting for Matilda to arrive from Alaska. We saw a little lost mouse and offered her a home. 

We are continuing to help Korbie find all her family members. So far we have found mom and dad as well as 42 of her 167 brothers and sisters. 

It's going to be a very large family reunion, but thankfully they are all tiny in size!

Let Korbie Teach You These...

Show dad how much you care with Korbie's Fathers Day crafts

  • Gifts for Dad
  • Sports themed crafts
  • and much more!

Fathers Day Crafts for Kids

Give mom a gift she will never forget - a home-made craft fro you. 

  • Plant starters
  • Free printables

Mothers Day Craft for Kids

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