Crafty Critters
Matilda, Our Holiday Craft Princess

Matilda is by far our chattiest member of the Crafty Critters.

She has mentioned she loves the holidays (every single one of them) and she loves any excuse to dress up and decorate. Here's the full biography on our furry holiday craft princess.

Full Name: Matilda Grace Moosehead (She prefers Matilda Grace Princess)

Age: Won't tell us (A girl never reveals her age!)

Birth Place: Alaska

Favorite Movie: Disneys' Aristocats and the musical "Cats"

Hobbies: Dress up, singing, gossiping, story telling, giggling

Favorite Craft: Anything with sparkles and bright colors

Motto: "Life is better when you laugh!"

A Little More About Matilda:

Matilda is a gossip queen! She absolutely loves to chat and socialize. She has a lot of giggles for such a small kitty.

Teach crafts are perfect for her and she is so festive on every single holiday, we thought it would be a perfect match!

Matilda is actually a cousin of our less crafty pet cats, Mookie and Savannah. When Mookie heard about Murphy and our internet plans she mentioned her cousin, Matilda.

Matilda was very bored up in a tiny village in Alaska. She spent all her time crafting but was always alone (not fun for a chatty kitty). She loves people and love to make everyone laugh and have fun – hard to do in such a cold, dark lonely place.

Mookie invited her over for a short visit but once she was here we know she was family and belonged with the Crafty Critters.

Matilda is our resident princess. She loves sparkles and dress up. Everything is bright colored and vibrant, just like her personality. She is always got more energy than the Energizer bunny! One time she mistook my coffee for her herbal tea (big mistake!) – only one sip and she was awake for a week!

She blends in well with our quirky little family and we are very happy to have her!

Let Matilda Teach You These...

We can teach you all kinds of wonderful Christmas crafts like:

  • Pipecleaner Ornaments
  • Candy Cane Reindeer
  • Handprint Rudolph
  • and MUCH MORE!

Let us Teach You: Easy Christmas Crafts

Here's some spooky, and well kind of cute, Halloween Crafts:

  • Cone Witch
  • Pumpkin Critters
  • and MUCH MORE!

Let us Teach You: Easy Halloween Crafts

Great decorations, centrepieces and table wear for Thanksgiving:

  • Pilgrim Hat Namecards
  • Thanksgiving Napkin Rings
  • and MUCH MORE!

Let Us Teach You: Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

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