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Meet Murphy, Our Seasonal Crafts Dino!

Read all about our Crafty Critters biggest memeber.

Murphy has already mentioned he is our season crafts critter and did give a little introduction of himself, but we've got the full scoop on all things Murphy.

Crafty Critters Murphy

Full Name: Murphy Eucalytpus Lola

Age: 124 (that's still very young in dino years!)

Birth Place: Lola Island (tiny island off coast of Hawaii - so small it's not even on a map)

Favorite Movie: Land Before Time (all 13 of them)

Hobbies: soccer, crafts, nature walks, reading

Favorite Craft: making paper mache

Motto: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!"

A little more about Murphy:

Murphy is by far the tallest of our crafty critters - measuring 7'6" the last time we measured him. But for a big dinosaur he is also very shy!

Teaching and crafting online has turned out great for him. His ideas are seen all over the world, but he can hide comfortably at home.

It's taken a little time for him to warm up to us and help teach his creations to all of you. But, now, he feels like you are all his family and he hopes you enjoy his crafts.

Murphy loves all the seasons, especially winter (which he had never experienced until he travelled here to New England). Seasons are amazing and he just loves watching al the changes of nature.

Originally from a very, very tiny island off the coast of Hawaii, Murphy joined Amanda in Canada  about a year ago. He is now here with us in the New England.

He was the first of the Crafty Critters to be welcomed into our home and family.

We were out blueberry picking one August afternoon and stumbled across this big orange dinosaur. He was collecting twigs and leaves. I asked if he was lost and he scurried away. After a little searching, we found him again, trying to hid behind a tree (unsuccessfully due to his size and bright color). I changed my approach and said "Those twigs would make a great picture frame".

Those few words began our friendship. We sat and chatted and found he had no home. Only days before he was scouting out a box that looked perfect for a fort, when the box was accidently closed with him inside and shipped up to Northern Ontario, Canada. Once he got out of the box and saw all the beautiful scenery he wandered off and ended up lost in the forest.

Of course, we opened our hearts and home to Murphy and he is now a happy member of our Crafty Critters and our family!

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