Crafty Critters
Meet Parker, Our Old Dog of Tricky Crafts!

He's our old dog of advanced crafts. If you want a craft that takes a little extra effort and brain power, Parker is your dog!

Full Name: Parker James Thomas III (the third)

Age: 142

Birth Place: Doesn't seem to remember, it was a long ways ago

Favorite Movie: All Dogs go to Heaven

Hobbies: Crosswords, crafts and checkers

Favorite Craft: Anything that can be used as a toy or item afterwards

Motto: "You can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty and the importance of turning around three times before lying down!"

A little more about Parker:

Parker does not follow the mantra of "you can not teach an old dog new tricks". He learns new crafts every day!

As our oldest member and we feel he is the wisest too (though Quaker tries to debate that fact regularly).

He love to teach the more advanced and complicated crafts.

He is a very reserved and quiet dog - sometimes the quiet is a nice change (all the other Critters are pretty rowdy).

Parker came to us after he saw our site. He contacted me and gave us an idea for adding some advanced crafts for the older children. He also mentioned adding word searches and other great activities to do while the crafts are drying.

He offered to join us and be apart of our family. They had put him in an old dogs home, but he feels he is just too young at heart for that place. 

He has made our family whole and covered an area of crafting we didn't even think of!

Some of Parker's Crafts & Activities

Earth Day Activities for Kids: A great way to teach the importance of throwing your litter in the garbage. 

Spring Activities: A page filled with spring themed activities to keep the mind active, even in rainy weather!

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