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Meet Quaker, Our Duck of All Crafts!

He's our duck of all crafts! Meet our Crafty Critter - Quaker!

Quaker is small in stature but big in creativity. He's got ideas for everything and a craft for every idea!

Full Name: Quaker

Age: 6 (in duck years)

Birth Place: Puddle outside our local library

Favorite Movie: Anything with Donald Duck and his nephews

Hobbies: Eating, pulling pranks and telling jokes

Favorite Craft: Making, and eating, edible crafts

Motto: "The world belongs to the energetic!"

A little more about Quaker:

A big personality comes in a small package with Quaker. He is very bubbly and always happy.

If you noticed, Quaker doesn't have a middle or last name. He was actually nameless when he joined us.

One day there was a knock at our door. Murphy answered. Quaker was knocking door to door, offering to teach crafts in trade for oatmeal and bubble gum (the pink kind), which we learned were his two favorite treats.

When he knocked Murphy was confronted with a very bubbly and boisterous little yellow duck. This made Murphy scurry and hide under the stairs. So Quaker let himself in, I found him rummaging through an oatmeal box and decided the name Quaker would be fitting.

Through now we make sure he eats more than just oatmeal and bubble gum!

He is a great addition to our little family. He is always making silly jokes and pranks. Keeping us laughing all the time!

Quaker is not like every duck. He can't swim! We haven't been able to convince him to try either, he says it messes his feathers.

Quaker is a duck of all crafts, he has learned them from travelling the world and going door to door. He has finally come back to his home puddle and is so excited to be in charge of all our other easy crafts for kids, like paper crafts, animals, yarn, food, etc. 

He is amazed that he can be at home, and have his crafts go out to the world through the internet.

Some of Quaker's Crafts:

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