Easy Paper Crafts

These whimsical  and easy paper crafts for kids are another simple craft with minimal supplies that make cute little butterflies.

Paper Butterfly Preview

For this craft, we will be using our paper fans instructions. If you click on the link it will open in a separate page, so you can continue with this craft.

We will be using those fans as wings for our butterflies.

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We can also teach you how to make a butterfly magnet out of pipe cleaners. 

Let Us Teach You:

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

For a more wing-like look, you can make the fans out of tissue paper too.

Although either way these little guys will need your help to fly.

Fill the walls with paper butterflies of all shapes and sizes. 

Use patterned paper, or sparkly paper to add a little extra vibrancy to yours!

Let's get crafting!

The googly eyes for these easy paper crafts are a great way to make the butterflies look more cartoon like. If you don't have any of these eyes on hand, you can just draw some on with a marker.

Paper Butterfly

Okay, time to start creating these beautiful critters.

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper (white or colored)
  • Markers
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Time to Complete:

30-45 minutes

Age Recommendation:

4 years old and up

Instructions for our easy paper crafts

Step #1:

Create and design your wings using markers, pencil crayons or paint.

Decorate two pieces of paper the same, so your wings match. Be creative and make them beautiful!

Step #2:

Out of a yellow piece of paper, cut out two identical butterfly bodies. You can make sure they are identical by folding the paper in half and cutting both at once.

Step #3:

Follow the directions for "Paper Fans" to create the wings (these instructions will pop up in a separate window). Repeat this process for each wing.

Step #4:

On each wing (fan) twist the handle end so it is parallel to the fan itself.

Step #5:

Glue the butterfly bodies on the front and back of the wings. Glue these to the handles you just twisted.

Fill your room with these easy paper crafts, make them in all different sizes and colors!

Add a little extra by giving your butterflies some antenna's - made simply out of pipe cleaners!

Easy Paper Crafts - Paper Butterflies

Simple, yet so cute when they are done! Enjoy and as always keep checking back with us, we are always crafting!

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