Easy Summer Crafts to Promote Learning

Great and very easy summer crafts for kids that will not only give the kids some entertainment, they will also promote reading and learning even during the summer break from school.

Even with school out it is important to keep their minds active.

Summer Learning Fun:

We have a number of crafts that are so much fun the kids won't even realize they are learning at the same time!

And so much more...

Counting and Color Cups: A fun way to help the little ones learn their numbers and colors.

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With these crafts you can make learning fun, they won't even associate these easy summer crafts with "school" and think they are just more summer fun!

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Easy Summer Crafts: Paper Plate Clock

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Learning to tell time is one of those must do's, even in a world that is growing more and more digital.

I'll even admit to relying to heavily on digital clocks and some days I forget how to read a clock.

These easy summer crafts instructions will guide you to creating a clock with movable hands for hours of learning fun.

Now, the only question left is "What time is it Mr. Wolf??"

Monster Bookmarks

Every good book needs a bookmark. These summer crafts can make reading into fun, and make sure you don't loose your place in your summer reading.

Find your next summer read and use your new bookmark monster friend to keep your place in the book

Counting Cups and Color Cups

1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ...

This one is great to teach numbers and how to count. After hours of fun creating, you can spend hours learning how to count.

The objective is to place the number of buttons in each cup to correspond with the number that is written on each cup.

Note: there are enough buttons to fill the 1 to 10 cups with no spares. So if there are no buttons on the paper plate when they are done, the got them all right!

After you have learned to count, why not learn the colors of the rainbow too!

Take the pom poms and put each color in the correct cup.

Learning is fun - they don't just say that! These easy summer crafts will be sure to help keep learning fun and creativity will blossom along with it! You can learn even more with our preschool crafts for kids.

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