Fall Crafts for Kids

These fall crafts for kids are great way to start out the school year with some creative fun. These are simple and require only a few materials – making them ideal for a classroom setting.

Celebrate Back to School

The end of summer vacation, cooler weather, and homework.

Welcome a new school year!

September Crafts for Kids

Or some new pencil holders with our

Pencil Holder Crafts for Kids

Now, although winter is by far my favourite season, fall is also a very pretty time with all the changing colors! Fall crafts make for great decorations around the classroom, or for the kids to bring home to mom and dad.

Fall, which is commonly known as Autumn as well, is one of our four seasons. It is the transition between summer and winter.

During this season, the leaves change colors and fall off. The weather gets cooler. And we all prepare for the winter months, and snow.

As I said the colors in fall are very pretty too, so it makes these crafts even more beautiful when they are done.

Fall is also the season you celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. You can easily tie these crafts in while you are doing some of the holiday crafts too. Another Crafty Critter has some great ideas for those holidays too… Besides these fall crafts for kids, check out our Halloween Crafts for Kids and our Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids.

Fall Wall Hanger: Create a fun wall decoration that will bring the beauty of fall indoors!

Fall Wind Chime: Take the beauty of autumn and turn it into a wind chime for the front porch!

Egg Carton Apple Treat: A fun back to school treat for your teacher and classmates.

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Fall Wall Hanger

Bring the season to the crafting table. Then the craft to the wall for decorations.

Be sure to laminate this one afterwards and keep it to hang up every autumn!

Supplies: Construction paper (various fall colors), fishing line, markers, scissors, glue, hole punch.

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Fall Wind Chime

Take a nice walk when the fall weather comes. Look around and take some mental pictures. 

Bring those images back to the craft table and make a fall themed wind chime. 

Then repeat this process each season and you will have a wind chime for all seasons!

Let Us Teach You: Easy Fall Crafts

Egg Carton Apple Treat

Here’s a fun way to say welcome back to school. Give your teacher and your classmates one of these apples, filled with a tasty treat.

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These are just a few of the many easy fall crafts for kids you can help create. It’s a great way to spend time together as well as keep your kids creative and imaginative! Fall is usually a fairly colder season, but not cold enough for the snow for kids to play in. These crafts will give your kids some fun activities to pass the fall days until winter and Christmas break!

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