Kids Christmas Ornament Crafts

Kids Christmas ornament crafts are a fun way to ring in the holiday season. These handmade ornaments will make your Christmas tree be one of a kind, and unique to your family.

Fill your tree each year with more and more of these home-made ornaments. It will be like creating a time line or scrapbook on your tree. You can make each year a different theme of ornament making.

One year make pipe cleaner decorations, the next make only foam ornaments, for the next redecorate old ornaments, etc.

If you browse around our Christmas themed craft pages you will also come across many other decorations for the holiday season as well as some more ideas for ornaments.

With some of our decorations you can reduce their size and make them into ornaments as well.

Tree decorating is a main event during Christmas and creating your very own ornaments will not only save money, it will also give the kids a story to tell when people see your tree. They can take grandma and grandpa to the tree and show them all the creations.

Pipecleaner Ornaments

The great thing about pipecleaners is they are easy to twist and bend into whatever shape you like.

A bonus is that you can twist them around themselves so there is no need for glue. Just a hook or piece of string to attach these kids christmas ornament crafts to your tree.

This of things that go with Christmas and winter, these are the things you can re-create with pipecleaners.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane Ornament
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  • 1 red pipe cleaner
  • 1 white pipe cleaner

This one is a fairly simple one to create.

You will just twist the two of them together from top to bottom. Make sure as you twist it is alternating from red to white.

Once that is done simple bend into a candy cane shape.

For some variety you can also add a third color and throw some green in there too.

Christmas Holly

Holly Ornament
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  • 1 sparkly green pipe cleaner
  • 1 sparkly red pipe cleaner

With your green pipe cleaner you will start at one end and bend it into a shape of a leaf.

Once your first leaf is created you will create a second leaf with the other half of the pipecleaner.

With the ends you will twist into one, this will create your two leaves out of one pipecleaner, with not cutting needed.

Bend the red pipecleaner into the shape of three circles, twist the ends from this into the center of the leaves.

Classic Tree Ornament



  • 2 orange pipecleaners
  • 2 yellow pipecleaners
  • 1 sparkly silver pipecleaner

Take the 2 orange pipecleaners and create an X.

Then twist the 2 yellow ones in an X in between the orange ones. This will create alternating colors.

Curl all the ends and attach them at the top by twisting them all together.

Wrap your silver pipecleaner around the twisted ends of the orange and yellow ones.

Snowflake Tree Decoration

Snowflake Ornament
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  • 2 sparkly silver pipecleaners
  • 1 sparkly blue pipecleaners

Cut one of the siler pipecleaners in half and make it into an X shape.

Cut your second silver pipecleaner out 4 2 inchepieces and bend them into V shapes. Twist one V to each end of your first pipecleaner.

Cut your blue pipecleaner into four equal pieces and bend then into V shapes.

You should have had some excess from the silver. Use this to twist each of the blue ones into place inbetween each section of your snowflake.

Star Kids Christmas Ornament Crafts

Star Ornament
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  • 1 sparkly blue pipe cleaner

These kids christmas ornament crafts are very simple. It is made the same way as if you were to draw out a star without lifting your pencil.

Start at one end and bend after about 2 inches repeat this process until you have five points.

Twist together and your done!

Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament
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  • 1 sparkly gold pipecleanr
  • 1 sparkly silver pipecleaner
  • 2 sparkly green pipecleaners

Follow the same instructions as above for yoru star, only make it smaller - with about half the pipecleaner.

Cut one of your green ones into two pieces, one smaller than the other.

Make the first one into a triangle. With the secon make a triangle with the top open and attach it to the first.

With your second green pipecleaner create another slightly bigger triangle with an open top and attach it to the tree.

Use the silver pipecleaner as decorations on the tree. Create little balls with a small end so you can twist them onto the tree.

Re-Decorating Old Ornaments

Take the old plain ornaments off your tree and give them a make over!

Get some glitter, sparkles, pom poms or whatever other craft supply and give those boring ornaments a jazzy new look.

If you have some decorations on your tree that are made of ceramic or glass, you can use these markers to re-decorate them.

It is as simple as drawing, and because these are made for glass and ceramic your designs will stay.

Some of those older glass balls are heirlooms, handed down from generationt o generation. Instead of a complete make over you could write the name of the person who gave it to you. If you know when they got it you can write the year. Great way to keep memories alive.

Using these ideas for kids Christmas ornament crafts will help give you tree a new look, and a unique one. You won't find your ornaments in the stores to purchase.

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