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We've given our two cents on what we think are important tips when crafting with children. But we are not the only experts out there! Not even close!

Here are some more craft tips from other industry gurus. 

Our critters have gone out and are searching for people with great tips and tricks for crafting with kids. Once they find those perfect people, we interview them. Right here, just for you. 

If you know someone that is an expert at crafting, just contact us and let us know. The Crafty Critters can decide if they are a guru worthy of an interview!

Send us your ideas, thoughts, or creations. Or, just say hello to  your Crafty Critters! Know a crafting guru? Let us know! Have a crafting secret tip? Share it!

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Now, a word from our Crafty Guru's

We hand select our guru's and make sure they are top notch. We have asked them a series of questions, tailored just to them. 

If you want to see their interview just click on their photo or the link provided. You will learn the secrets they share.

Maggy Woodley - Red Ted Art

Maggy has used her son as inspiration and created a great site full of easy crafts for kids. 

Red Ted and Pip Squeak have helped her to build a fantastic website!

Learn more about Red Ted Art and Maggy Woodley

Penny Bauder - Green Kid Crafts

Penny is the CEO and Founder of GreenKidCrafts. 

She is an environmentalist and mom, who was looking for a easy way to spend quality time with her family that could bring them closer to nature. 

It started with creating kits for her family and friends to the great site it is today! 

Penny has created a resource filled site and an amazing monthly craft box, delivered to your door monthly.

Click Here to Learn More about Penny

Marie LeBaron - Make and Takes

Marie is the founder and managing editor of Make and Takes. 

This site is filled with great parenting advice, crafting projects, great recipes. We spent hours just enjoying all their resources, information and creations. 

We were very excited when Marie agreed to be our very first interview. She has created an exceptional knowledge resource and we are happy to share it with you. 

Click to Learn More about Marie

Want to be a Crafty Guru?

Think your tips and tricks are top notch? We would love to hear them! 

Think you have what it takes to be a Guru? Show us!

Contact us and tell us one of your trade secrets, creations or just explain why you should be a guru. You can have your very own page and be titled a Crafty Guru. 

Always check back for more craft tips from our Crafty Guru's.

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