Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

No Halloween is complete without some pumpkin crafts for kids. Using these ideas you can turn your ordinary pumpkin into an extraordinary jackolantern!

Like snowflakes, no two jack o'lanterns will be the same.

These ideas will help you create some pumpkins (and more festively, some jack o'lanterns) without the gooey mess!

On Halloween night the kids always remember the houses with the really good candy, or really cool treats.

We've come up with a great craft that will make the treats you give out one of a kind and make you that house that all the kids are talking about!

We have created this with a lunch sized brown bag.

But you are looking to make smaller treat bags? So you don't give the neighbourhood kids a sugar high just from your house?

Paper Bag Pumpkin Treat Bag

Create these same pumpkin crafts for kids with the smaller brown bags, like the ones you get 5 cent candies in at the corner store!

Also, you can always create more than just pumpkins. Why not add in some ghosts and witches too!

The whole neighbourhood will be raving about your treats until next Halloween.

Craft Supplies:

  • brown paper bags
  • orange and black paint
  • green construction paper or foam
  • green pipe cleaner
  • black marker
  • wrapped candies
  • glue
  • scissors

Step #1:

Paint the entire paper bag orange and set it aside to dry.

Step #2:

Take your green construction paper and cut out two leaves. Glue the two leaves together and set aside to dry.

Step #3:

Once the bag has dried, draw a jack o'lantern face on one side of it with your black marker or paint.

Step #4:

Fill the bag with your candies. Make sure to leave enough room to easily close the bag.

Step #5:

Wrap the green pipe cleaner around the bag to close it and twirl the two ends of it. Glue the two green leaves by the pipe cleaner.

Repeat this a bunch of times and give everyone a cute treat for Halloween.

Make them out of smaller bags if you want to give them to everyone in class.

Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

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