Valentine Crafts for Kids

Let’s decorate for the day of love with these Valentine crafts for kids!! Valentine day is a fun event for kids at school.

Let’s Make Edible Crafts!

Add these little guys to your cards with our
 Kids Valentines Crafts.

Or, turn a paper roll into a treat holder!!
Valentine’s Day Treat Holder

These crafts can be used for decorations at home or school.

These work great for those special valentines presents you want to give out!

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th and it is tradition for the kids to give each other Valentines and little treats at school.

We will help you make everything you need for this lovely day.

All kinds of things from Valentine card mailboxes, flower tags and fun “I love You” gifts!

What You Will Learn on This Page:

Paper Bag Valentine’s Mailbox: Stand out with our one of a kind mailbox, made from a paper bag.

Fuzzy Teddy Bear Mailbox: Turn an empty coffee tin into another cute mailbox for your Valentine cards.

Heart Flower Tags: Display your emotions proudly with our flower tag for your Valentine’s Day gifts.

Love Puff Pencil Topper: Spread the love around the classroom with one of these on your pen!

Heart Pencil Topper: Another great topper for your pencil this Valentine’s Day!

Love Cup: Filled with love and goofiness, learn what a love cup really is!

Home-made Cupid: Spread the love with your very own cupid!

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Paper Bag Valentine’s Mailbox

On Valentine’s Day you should be expecting some incoming mail at school. Use this jazzed up paper bag to collect your mail!

Supplies: Brown Paper Bag, Red and Pink paint, Paint brush, Markers, Pink construction paper, Scissors, Glue

Let Us Teach You: Valentine Day Paper Bag Mailbox

Fuzzy Teddy Bear Mailbox

Stand out on Valentine’s day with this teddy bear mailbox. Everyone will want to stop by your desk and pet the fuzzy bear. 

  • Tin can (coffee containter)
  • ConstructionPaper (pink, red & white)
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers

Let Us Teach You: Valentines Day Crafts for Kids

Love Puff Pencil Topper

A cute way to be festive on Valentine’s day. These little critters are a fun decoration for your pens and pencils.


  • Pink or red pom pom
  • Small white or grey pom pom
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaner
  • White foam paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Let Us Teach You: Valentine Kids Crafts

Heart Pencil Topper

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear it on your pencil!

Supplies: Pipecleaners and pencil

Let Us Teach You: Heart Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Love Cup

All kinds of fun and filled with love. Our love cup makes a great Valentine’s day decoration!

Supplies: Styrofoam, or paper cup, Red paint, Paint brush, Red, pink and white construction paper, Glue, Black Marker, Scissors

Let Us Teach You: Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids

Home-made Cupid

Take a plain old paper roll and fill it with love! We’ve created a home-made cupid from an empty paper roll. 


  • Paper roll, construction paper, craft foam, pipe cleaners, string, googly eyes, marker, glue, and scissors

Let Us Teach You: Kid Valentine Crafts

Heart Flower Tag

Are you giving flowers or a plant for Valentine’s day? Why not add one of these cute heart flower tags!


  • Red (or pink) card stock or construction paper, pipe cleaner, popsicle stick, marker, glue, scissors

Let Us Teach You: Easy Valentine Crafts

Printable Valentines Cards

Get some adorable printable Valentines cards and send out lots of love and creativity!

Printable Valentines Cards

These are a few valentine crafts for kids to try out on Valentine’s Day! We have more crafts to come so always check back with us!! And, of course, share us with your friends!

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