Valentines Day Crafts for Kids
Making Cute Mailboxes for all your Valentines!

Here are some fun ideas for Valentines Day crafts for kids that can be used in the classroom on the big day. We will help you to have a unique mailbox for all your Valentine cards.

Everyone will want to give you a card just so they can check out your mailbox!

Valentine's Day is celebrated in most classrooms.

The students get creative and pass valentine cards to one another - and treats to accompany them.

It is a day filled with fun and activities.

Beyond the decorations there are a few other things this day needs.

One thing that doesn't always get remembered is the box to put the valentines cards in. It gets very messy just to throw the cards onto each other's desks. 

Teddy Bear Mailbox

This cute little mailbox is made out of a kleenex box and looks like a teddy bear hugging all your cards.

Craft Supplies:

  • Tin can (coffee containter)
  • Construction Paper (pink, red & white)
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers

Step #1:

Take a bunch of cotton balls and stretch them out and pull them apart. 

You will likely need about 20 cotton balls to fill the can.

Glue the cotton balls all around the outside of the tin can. 

Step #2:

You will also glue cotton balls around the top lip of the can.

Step #3:

Fold a piece of white constructions paper in half. 

Cut out a bear arm, with it's paw.

When you unfold the paper you will have two connected arms. 

Step #4:

Cut out a heart from both the red and pink paper. 

We made one smaller than the other and glued them inside each other.

You want these hearts to fit nicely between your bear's paws.

Step #5:

Glue the heart into the center of the front of the box.

Glue a bear paw on each side of the heart. Wrapping around the back of the can.

Step #6

Using your construction paper make a bear head.

Make sure you have a little neck so you can easily glue it to the body. Also, make sure it is proportional to the size of the can.

Step #7

Glue the head in place so it sits above the opening of your can.

Now, just add your name to the front and you are ready for all your incoming mail on Valentine's Day!

More Easy Crafts Like This One:

Printable Valentines Cards

Get some adorable printable Valentines cards and send out lots of love and creativity!

Printable Valentines Cards

When you give out your Valentine's cards give a little kissme treat too!

Create your own mail box out of a paper bag for Valentines Day.

Use an empty paper towel roll and create some cute Valentine treats!

These valentines day crafts for kids work great as a classroom activity before the holiday and have a great use on the day they need to hand out all their little valentines treats!

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