Winter Crafts for Kids

BRRR!!! Use our cool winter crafts for kids to keep the kids warm on those chilly winter days. 

We will teach you how to make a variety of snowflakes that are not cold and will not melt.

And don't forget a snowman, that's an important winter craft - we have those too!

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These are great for those snow days from school to keep everyone busy and having fun.

You could also create these on the winter days that are too cold for playing outside.

For school, why not create these on the recess breaks that are indoors because of the cold. There is also some time to fill on those last few days before winter break, so use these crafts that need only a few craft supplies.

What You Will Learn on This Page:

We are going to teach you many things from polar bears out of a toilet paper roll and some cotton balls, to a recipe for snowman soup!

Winter can be filled with indoor fun on those days that are too cold for the outdoor fun!

Tissue Paper Snowman: Make yourself a fuzzy little snowman with our snowman decoration.

Q-Tip Snowflakes: A few cotton swabs and glue, and we've got ourselves snowflakes that are not cold and will not melt!

Snowman Soup Craft: Learn how to whip up a yummy batch of snowman soup! It's a great gift idea too!

Cotton Ball Igloo: Re-create an igloo without the icy mess. Let it Snowflakes: Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! With our snowflakes made of just plain old paper!

Fuzzy Toilet Paper Roll Polar Bear: After you make our cotton ball igloo, use some of those cotton balls for a polar bear friend too!

Cotton Ball SnowmanMake yourself a fun snowman will not melt! He's soft, and not cold.

Mosaic Penguin: Simply tearing up some paper can create this cute penguin craft.

Paper Roll Snowman Another cute and fun snowman will not melt! He's soft too, and not cold.

Melted Snowman: Some people are worth melting for! But our little melted snowman won't melt into a complete puddle.

Home-made Candle holders: Join us in turning empty jars into a home-made candle holders.

Q-Tip Snowflakes

The supplies are simple, and just your average household items. Join us in making these snowflake crafts for kids. They are beautiful decorations and ornaments made simply out of Q-tips (cotton swabs).

Supplies needed: Q-Tips, Glue, String, Sparkle Paint

Let Us Teach You: Snowflake Crafts for Kids

Winter Crafts for Kids: Tissue Paper Snowman

It's a fun and easy snowman crafts for kids idea that takes a little more time so it works well to fill up the time on those last few days before Christmas holidays!

Supplies Needed: White Tissue Paper, Glue, White & Orange Construction Paper, Googly Eyes, Black Pom Poms, Pencil, Scissors

Let Us Teach You: Snowman Crafts for Kids

Snowman Soup

Winter is a cold season, and after playing outside you will need a fool proff way to warm yourself up.

This snowman soup craft is just the recipe to warm you up from the inside out.

Supplies: Packet of Hot Chocolate, Two Marshmallows, Candy Cane, Styrofoam Cup, Marker, Pipecleaner

Let Us Teach You: Snowman Soup Craft

Let it Snowflakes

A very classic winter crafts for kids that many of us have made at one time or another.

This paper craft is very simple, and the variety of snowflakes you can make is nearly endless.

Supplies: Paper, Scissors

Let Us Teach You: Snowflake Paper Crafts

Cotton Ball Igloo

Use some cotton balls from the bathroom and make your very own igloo!

Supplies: Cotton balls, Glue, Paper, Marker, or pencil

Let Us Teach You: Easy Winter Crafts

Fuzzy Toilet Paper Polar Bear

Use some more cotton balls and make a cute and fuzzy little polar bear!

Supplies: Empty toilet paper roll, White, black and pink construction paper, Googly eyes, Cotton balls (approx. 10), Glue, Scissors

Let Us Teach You: Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

Mosaic Penguin

Turn torn up paper into a fun little penguin. These black and white critters are sooo cute!

Supplies: Construction paper (black, white, orange), Googly eyes, Blue paper, Glue

Let Us Teach You: Penguin Crafts for Kids 

Cotton Ball Snowman

He's cute and fuzzy, and will not melt away in the heat!

Supplies: Construction paper (Blue, white and black), Cotton balls, Orange pipe cleaner, Googly eyes, Scissors, Glue, Hole punch

Let us Teach You: Kids Winter Crafts

Paper Roll Snowman

Another cute and fuzzy snowman that will not melt. Great way to bring the beauty of winter indoors.

Create in the warmth of home!

Let Us Teach You: Winter Craft for Kids

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Have some winter fun indoors with these winter crafts for kids! Some kids also don't like playing in the snow, so this is a great activity for them as well.

Always check back for more craft ideas, we are always adding more!!

Happy Crafting! 

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