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All About Me and The Crafty Critters

Me, the crafty critters momma Hi! I’d like to just take a little time to tell you a bit about me and my little crew of Crafty Critters.

First off a little about myself. I am the hands behind the Crafty Critters. Since many of them have a hard time trying to type and photograph their ideas, someone needs to help 😉

I have adopted the Crafty Critters from Amanda and have brought them to the US.

I am a mom of 2 kids ages 30 and 24. Yes, big kids! I am looking forward to some day in the future when I can call myself a grandma to some human babies. But for now, I’ll just be the Crafty Critters grandma!

Enough about me. I would like to introduce to you the real creative brains behind the crafts, and this site!

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Our Crafty Critters are Social!

Our Crafty Critters enjoy keeping everyone up to date on everything they make, and they just LOVE to stay connected!

We have our Crafty Critters Club, but in between newsletters there are also a few other great ways to keep in the loop with all the Critter happenings.

Here are some great ways to keep in touch:

Murphy, Our Season Craft Dino


Hi!! I’m Murphy!

I love all seasons – they are especially beautiful here in New England!

I came here a little while ago from a small island off the coast of Hawaii and have now been able to witness all of the four seasons. While I love them all, my favorite is winter!

The rest of the crew was very welcoming and made me part of the Crafty Critters family.

I am very excited to teach you all some great seasonal crafts!

Click here for a full biography on Murphy


Matilda, Our Holiday Craft Princess


Meeoooww!! I’m Matilda, hee hee!

I love to craft and I love to talk. So, what better way to combine the two than to teach all of you! And seems like I’m a poet and didn’t know it!! Hee Hee!

I’m so excited to be apart of the Crafty Critters and love all things to do with the holidays, hee hee!

I’ve came here to join this great family from a village in the northmost corner of Alaska and needless to say there is not many people to craft with, and it’s really dark (a kitty needs to socialize and sunbath!) Hee Hee!

Click Here for a Full Biography on Matilda


Quaker, Our Duck of All Crafts


QUUACKK!! Knock Knock… Who’s there… Me… Me Who… No really, its just me!!

I just love to craft and I love to joke. And I love bubble gum, but only the pink gum, and I love oatmeal… that’s why they call me Quaker, but I don’t like mixing my oatmeal with my bubble gum, that’s just silly!

I am very excited to meet you and teach you my crafts. If you send me your crafts I’ll return a joke to you, or if you send me a joke, I’ll send you a craft idea!

Click Here for a Full Biography on Quaker

Korbie, Our Mini Expert on Special Occasions

KorbieHEY! I’m Korbie (with a K) & I’m SOO very happy to meet you!

I’ve heard so many lovely things about all of you!

These other critters have become more family to me and I love them! Like I love my 167 brothers and sisters! And, I love you guys too! We are one BIG BIG family!

I love to celebrate and I’m so excited to teach you crafts that you can turn into gifts for all the special occasions because they are just so important to celebrate! Everyone needs to know they are special!

Click Here for a Full Biography on Korbie

Parker, Our Old Dog of Tricky Crafts


Hello there everybody! My name is Parker James Thomas the Third, but you can call me Parker, or Mr. Thomas.

I love a good challenge, and I am very enthused to be educating you all about tricky (or advanced) crafts, as well as giving you some great word searches and activities.

I decided to join this family to be able to spread my wisdom and a good challenge.

Plus, my owners put me in an old dogs home and I am just too young for that place!

I look forward to sharing wisdom and challenges with you!

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