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Easy Summer Crafts

My long list of easy Summer crafts for kids will keep them entertained for months on end. I have tons of Summer paper crafts including my fabulous paper windmill! Check out my beach themed crafts such as my Starfish, Squid and Mermaids. My gardening crafts will encourage kids to develop a green thumb and are great for learning. Do not forget to do some Father’s Day crafts this June and of course we have some Patriotic ideas to help you celebrate July 4th! My back to school crafts are perfect for the end of Summer and help kids prepare for the new school semester! Whether you are looking for easy crafts for kids with paper, paper plates, toilet rolls, or cups we have you covered!

Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft for Kids

My paper plate jellyfish craft for kids is perfect for those looking for some cute ocean creatures to make! My jellyfish craft step by step instructions help you turn a paper plate and some colored craft papers into a cute jellyfish! Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft Jellyfish live in the sea but quite often you can see them washed up on the sand!! I was quite surprised to find out that most jellyfish only live a few months unless they are kept enclosed. In this case they can live for a few years! My children love learning about sea creatures so …

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popsicle stick tractor craft

John Deere Tractor Craft for Kids

If you want to learn how to make a John Deere tractor craft you are in luck as I have a free popsicle stick tutorial to help you make this popular farm vehicle. As soon as the warmer weather comes my son is constantly on the lookout for tractors. We live beside lots of farmland and he loves to watch tractors making hay bales.  His favorite tractor is the green John Deere so it was only natural I would pick this particular tractor craft for kids! I decided I would make a tutorial on how to make a John Deere …

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easy flamingo craft with paper plate

Paper Plate Flamingo Craft for Kids

My Paper plate flamingo craft is a great Summer animal craft for kids this year. Comes with free printable template and craft instructions.  My little girl loves going to see flamingos when we visit the zoo. They are her favorite bird; I think she loves their bright pink color.  There are around 6 different species of Flamingo around the world. They are different shades of pink and they differ in height. Surprisingly they can live until they are 30 years old.  This is an easy craft with only a few different materials required; most of which will already be in …

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beach paper craft for Summer

Beach Scene Craft for Kids

Kids love making pretty pictures and this Beach scene craft complete with crab, palm trees and shells is the perfect Summer craft for littles this year. Ask your kids what sort of things they might expect to see on a sandy beach and I can guarantee they will say seashells!  One other thing they might find are some crabs. I have previously made a few crab crafts which you can see below:-                   This time I decided to make a pretty beach themed picture using some colored craft papers and of course …

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best butterfly crafts to make

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

These easy Butterfly crafts for kids teach children how to make butterflies using different craft materials from paper plates to pipe cleaners. Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects to grace us with their presence. Little kids love them as they have such an array of different colors. Did you know there are thought to be over 20000 different species of these; which ones you will see depends on whereabouts in the world you live.  They do not last for long though as they tend to live a little over a month so if your kids are missing watching …

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spring garland craft with paper

Butterfly Flower Garland Craft with Paper

Who likes to decorate their home for Spring and Summer with pretty banners and garlands? If so this cute butterfly flower garland craft with paper is perfect! Spring has definitely sprung and caterpillars are transforming into butterflies as we speak! Gardens are becoming adorned with brightly colored flowers. As a result lots of little kids are crazy about doing Spring crafts featuring both butterflies and flowers to celebrate this season. Easy papers crafts are hugely popular with all my budding crafters whether they are 2 years old or 22 years old!  I decided to make this simple garland featuring colorful …

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daisy flower card craft

Daisy Handmade Mother’s Day Card

Showing Mum you care and appreciate her is very easy with this Daisy Handmade Mother’s Day card. Kids of all ages can enjoy this easy DIY card craft. Kids come together to show their Mums how much they love them and appreciate them on Mother’s Day. This year it falls on Sunday May 8th. Around this time little children love to make cards and do lots of flower crafts for Mum. Younger kids in preschool settings may appreciate some of my Mother’s Day Handprint cards whilst slightly older kids might want to make Mum some craft flowers such as my …

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mothers day flower bouquet craft

Paper Flower Bouquet Craft

My paper flower bouquet craft is perfect for Spring and Summer! Why not let little kids make this and gift it to Mum instead of a real bunch of flowers! Little kids love doing easy crafts, especially ones they can gift to Mum.  My children have made various adorable handprint crafts at school for me. They have also made cute pop up cards which I will treasure forever. One of the latest things they have made for me is this simple bouquet complete with paper flowers. I love it because it is something I can keep as opposed to real …

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toilet paper roll pirate ship

How to Make a Pirate Ship from a Toilet Paper Roll

My free tutorial teaches you how to make a pirate ship from a toilet paper roll. This simple recycling craft is perfect for the Summer months. Little boys love pirates and it is a great theme to cover over the school holiday months! Previously I have made a paper pirate ship which makes for a lovely picture. This new 3D pirate craft is much better as kids can actually use it for pretend play! My easy step by step toilet paper roll craft procedure will help you make a cool looking pirate ship. Why not make a cute Toilet paper …

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paper hot air balloon craft

Dr Seuss Hot Air Balloon Craft

Here in our house we love children’s novels, and we also love doing themed crafts. My Dr Seuss hot air balloon craft is the perfect paper craft for book,  Oh the Places You’ll Go. It is a book about adventure that is inspiring to children of all ages. This Oh the Places You’ll Go hot air balloon craft can be used after you read the book or even before! Kids love doing crafts associated with stories!  Hot Air Balloon Dr Seuss I have to confess I still have to read this book to my kids but am planning to do …

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