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Bottle Lid Magnets

Our easy bottle lid magnets will not only remind you of important information, we are recycling too! These Spring crafts help the environment and help you remember!

bottle lid magnets


Spring brings life back to nature.

We start to see trees blossom and flowers bloom.

We’ve created magnets that pop, and also have a clip so you can put reminder notes on the fridge.

Or, you can post your A+ test too!

Perfect way to remember to do stuff.

You are being environmentally friendly at the same time – using those old water bottle lids. 

Spring is always filled with rainy days, and kids are not fun when they are bored. Print out a bunch of these Spring Activities for Kids and have them on hand when boredom strikes.

Water Bottle Lid Magnets

With this bottle lid magnet craft you will never again forget to do something! I love water bottle crafts for kids and I always have lots of lids left over so you can guess the number of magnets we have made!!

Craft Supplies:

  • Construction paper (variety of colors)
  • Water bottle lids
  • Sparkly glue
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper clip
  • Magnet strip

Step #1:

First we need to make our spring. Cut out two thin strips of paper (color of your chose).

Weave them back and forth over top of each other to create your spring.

Step #2:

Glue the top and bottom of your spring so it does not unravel. Stretch it out so it has some bounce to it. 

Step #3:

Glue your spring into the center of the inside of your water bottle lid.

*Note: we noticed white glue may not stick great on here, rough up the cap a little with some sand paper or use a glue gun to ensure it is sturdy.

Step #4:

Fill the inside edge of the water bottle lid with your glitter glue. This will show slightly around your magnet for some added color.

Set this aside to dry. 

Step #5:

Create a spring image out of the constructions paper. This will be glued to the other end of your spring on the bottle lid. We decided to make an orange flower for this magnet.

Step #6

Glue the flower (or other spring design) to the top of the paper spring device you glued to the bottle lid.

Step #7

Most magnet strips come pre-glued, remove the piece of paper and place it on the back of the bottle lid, with the paper clip in between the magnet and lid.

Press and hold this to allow it to dry in place.

If the glue is not sticky enough because of having the paper clip in the middle, add more glue.

Get some small note paper and jot down important information and post it on the kitchen fridge!

Make a variety of these easy spring crafts and fill the fridge. 

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These easy spring crafts are fun not only for the kitchen fridge, bring them to school for the classroom chalk board too! 

Easy Crafts for Kids is social too! Be sure to join us and keep up to date on what the Crafty Critters are up to:

Do you like Bottle Lid Magnets?

Step by Step Instructions for Our Easy Spring Magnets

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