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Styrofoam Cup Crafts for New Year

Re-create these Styrofoam Cup Crafts for New Year to make your very own noisemakers. They will even come with a surprise treat to enjoy after the stroke of midnight!

New years is a time for a fresh start. A brand new year!

Most people will create a new years resolution to take affect at the stroke of midnight.

Others just enjoy a fresh start and remember the memories of the previous year.

Use these noisemakers to help bring in the new year with a lot of noise.

It is customary to make as much noise as you can when the clock strikes midnight.

These new years crafts for kids will also have an added tasty treat, and can be used as decorations for the rest of the evenings’ partying. 

Styrofoam Cup Crafts for New Year – Surprise Noisemakers

Let’s get the noisemakers ready for the big night! Don’t forget these can be used for other big events too!

Craft Supplies:
  • Two styrofoam cups
  • Glitter glue
  • Paint brush
  • Regular glue
  • Pipe cleaners (sparkly preferred)
  • Scissors
  • A surrpise treat (like skittles)

Step #1:

Paint your glitter glue all over both of your cups.

We managed to find a glitter with all different sizes of sparkles in it. Works great for the occasion!

Step #2:

Take your pipe cleaners and cut them all in equal halves.

This way each end of your noisemaker will have the same colors and lengths of pipe cleaners.

Step #3:

Twist all of your pipe cleaners into a bundle. Twist the end together tight enough so it is about the size of one pipe cleaner.

Twirl each end with your finger or a pen.

Step #4:

Using the tips of your scissors (carefully) punch a hole in the bottom of each cup.

Place each of your pipe cleaner bunches into each hold.

easy new year crafts

Step #5:

Bend the pipe cleaners on the inside of the cup, so they will stay in place.

Fill with your surprise treat.

Glue the two cups together.

Once these new years crafts for kids are dry, get ready to make some noise!!

3 … 2 … 1 … HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Ring in the New Year with these Confetti Launchers!

We’ve also come up with a home-made confetti launchers – make some noise and a mess for the new year!

Don’t Forget the Surrpise!

Once the clock hits 12:01 and the new year has officially started, break your noisemaker apart and enjoy a little surprise treat!

Make one of these for all of your guests. This way everyone has a surprise awaiting them in the next year.

new year cup crafts for kids

Keep On Partying & Use as Decorations

This craft has not two, but three purposes.

First, it is a great noisemaker to welcome the new year.

Second, a surprise treat once the clock hits 12:01

Third, cute decorations for around the house while you keep up the party into the wee hours of the morning.

diy new year decorations with plastic cups

Another Great Idea for Decoratings

chinese lantern crafts These chinese lanterns are tradional in festivals, well why not for new years too.

Make them in all sizes and string them up like garland.

Supplies: Paper, Scissors, Glue

Let Us Teach you: Paper Lantern Crafts

If you enjoyed these crafts, be sure to bookmark us and come back often. Our Crafty Critters are always creating.

Happy Crafting!

Do you like these Styrofoam Cup Crafts for New Year?

Styrofoam Cup Crafts for New Year

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