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Toilet Paper Roll Witch

Bring the spookiness to Halloween with one of my latest recycling crafts in the form on a toilet paper roll witch! She can be used to give someone a fright or even as a decoration for a Halloween party! If you are having some kids over then why not use her as a puppet for some storytelling!

witch craft with toilet paper roll

During the month of October I like to make lots of different witches with my kids, just to show them that witches are not scary and can actually be fun!! 

We have made a flying pop up witch cup craft which you really need to try especially if you have Kindergarten or younger kids at home!

I have lots of ideas of more ways to make witches and hopefully get around to these before the end of Halloween! 

One really easy and quick way to make a Halloween witch is by using some old paper rolls, some paint, craft paper and pipe cleaners as I have shown you in 5 steps below. 

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witch craft with toilet paper roll

Toilet Paper Roll Witch

Yield: 1

Bring the spookiness to Halloween with one of my latest recycling crafts in the form on a toilet paper roll witch


  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Purple paint
  • Paint brush
  • Green paint pen or maker
  • Glue
  • White streamer
  • Black construction paper
  • Green and purple pipe cleaners


Step 1

Collect all craft materials in the supply list

Step 2

Paint the roll purple, let it dry 

Step 3

Cut a strip of white streamer to make the hair as shown, glue around the top of the roll leaving a space for the face of the witch 

Step 4

Next we are going to work on the witches face.

Glue on the craft eyes 

Use green paint pen or marker to draw on nose and mouth 

Step 5

No witch is complete without her hat.

To make the hat cut out a circle of black construction paper a little larger than the roll for the hat base 

Roll another piece of construction paper into a cone, trim to size, and glue to the round piece, let dry 

Twist the green and purple pipe cleaners together and cut to size to fit around the base of the hat 

how to make paper witch hat

Use glue to secure the hat on top the toilet paper roll

I hope you love my Halloween witch craft with toilet paper roll! You can make lots of these in different colors. Why not give them to some friends or even use them as a puppet to pretend to read a scary story this Halloween.

If you like this you need to make my Halloween pop up card or maybe even my Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein

Keep crafting and please send me your best creations this October. 

Will you be making this Toilet Paper Roll Witch Halloween Craft for Kids?

Toilet Paper Roll Witch

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