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Cinderella Paper Cone Craft

All little girls will adore my Cinderella Paper cone craft for kids, which lets them make a mini Cinderella! 

cinderella 3d craft

I love easy paper crafts for kids. I have started a large range of girls craft ideas as my almost 6 year old wants to craft non stop these days! My cute Princess crafts keep her entertained but we are always looking for more ideas. 

Cinderella is her second most favorite Disney character right now behind Ariel so it is only appropriate we do an activity featuring her. 

My Cinderella 3D craft is perfect for wannabe Princesses who want a mini paper doll to play with after they have finished crafting!

They can use this in a doll’s house, by itself or even in a pretend carriage. Come to think of it I should really make my own Princess carriage craft! 

If you want to make even more of these why not try my easy Cinderella craft with paper or my Cinderella pop up Princess ring craft

Now let the fun start as you follow this craft procedure to complete this fun girl’s activity!

cinderella 3d craft

Cinderella Paper Cone Craft

Yield: 1

My Cinderella paper cone craft is perfect for wannabe Princesses who want a mini paper doll to play with after they have finished crafting!


  • Coloured Craft Papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Colourful Marker Pens.


Step 1:

Cut out the cones templates.

Step 2:

Bring both ends of the disc together to create the cone.

Use glue or tape to secure it.

Step 3:

Glue the other circular piece over the cone.

how to make cinderella paper cone craft

Step 4:

Cut out the pieces for Cinderella.

Step 5:

Glue the hair bun on the back of the head. 

And, glue the hands to the sleeves. 

cinderella paper craft with paper and scissors

Step 6:

Now glue the front hair with the head on top. 

Step 7:

Use marker pens to draw the face and eyes. 

Step 8:

Then glue the hairband with the bun and the earrings on both sides of the head.

cinderella paper cone craft with instructions

Step 9:

Glue the head with the cone.

Step 10:

Then finish it off by gluing the hands and necklace with the doll. 

princess paper cone craft for kids

I recommend printing out my free PDF template and reading through the step by step procedure once before commencing this paper cone craft with your kids.

Cinderella paper cone template

Why not make lots of Princesses. You could easily change the colors of the craft papers here and make Rapunzel or Princess Jasmine instead.

How about making a batch of these and using them as crafts to sell at a school fair! 

You could even use this as a kid’s party activity for a Birthday party. 

Do you like this Cinderella Paper Cone Craft?

Cinderella Paper Cone Craft

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