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Cute Leprechaun Coloring Pages

If you love celebrating St Patrick’s Day you may enjoy my cute leprechaun coloring pages. There are 10 free leprechaun pictures to download and print.

leprechaun coloring sheets

St Patrick’s Day has been associated with leprechauns for as long as I can remember! They are said to bring some Irish luck, so maybe color in as many pictures as you can!! When you finish all of these my not make my leprechaun trap or try one of my other leprechaun crafts

As always I am going to showcase a few of the best pictures of Leprechauns to color! You may even find a female leprechaun in there!! Why not browse my list of leprechaun names and add one to your coloring page!

Leprechaun Couple Coloring Page

Look at this happy male and female leprechaun couple. They are surrounded by lots of hanging shamrocks so luck (and love) must be in the air! Can little kids count the number of shamrocks?

leprechaun couple coloring

Female Leprechaun Coloring Sheet

I wonder will this female leprechaun bring more luck than her male friend?! She is looking underneath the rainbow for a pot of gold, but looks like someone has got there before her as there is no gold in sight. She still looks happy though and is giving us all a small wave! How many shamrocks can you find in the grass?

female leprechaun coloring page

Pot of Gold Coloring Page

Haha there it is the famous pot of gold, just under the rainbow, where we would expect it to be! The good news is that is is overfilled with lots of gold coins!! Girls and boys color it in quickly and it is yours to keep. Don’t take too long or a sneaky leprechaun will take it away!

pot of gold coloring page

Leprechaun Colouring Page

Oh no kids looks like you were too late! Who has just landed on top of the gold coins, but Mr Leprechaun himself! Maybe if you ask him nicely he might share some with you! Hopefully the hot sun will put him in a good mood and he will be feeling generous!

leprechaun colouring pictures

Leprechauns are lucky, can kids what other things are lucky? How about black cats and horseshoes?! Can you think of anything else?

Please print out my free Leprechaun coloring pages PDF:-

Leprechaun Coloring Pages

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Will you print these Cute Leprechaun Coloring Pages?

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