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Cute Puppy Coloring Pages – FREE Puppy Pictures to Color

Hands up who loves cute puppy coloring pages?!! If so I have some great news as I have just created 10 FREE Puppy pictures to color!! These are great for kids who love animals in general!!

cute puppy coloring pages


Cutest Puppy Coloring Pages

Has anyone got a new puppy recently or perhaps your children want one? Why not treat them to some printable puppy colouring pages. I have a variety of these and they can be used as posters or even stuck onto cardstock to make a Birthday card for someone who loves dogs!

Did you know the Labrador is one of the most popular puppy breeds?! They are definitely my favorite type of dog. I also love Pugs and Bulldogs!

Before I share some of my easy puppy coloring pages let me tell you about some of my other great animal colouring pages:-

Zoo Animal Coloring – I love these because they don’t just feature one animal, but lots that you may find on a trip to the Zoo.

Elephant Coloring Pages – any elephant lovers out there?! How cute are these creatures!

Dolphin Coloring Pages – it may be hard to get the chance to see these beautiful creatures often, but your kids can enjoy coloring them as often as they like with my free printable pack.

If you just love colouring in and want a little bit of everything then my list of cute coloring pages for kids is your best option!

Puppy Valentine Coloring Page

Puppies are so loving towards their owners and the love is definitely reciprocated. Little children can decorate this puppy picture and then add their own sweet Valentine message. How many hearts are on this page?

Puppy Valentines Day Coloring Sheet

Cute Puppy Colouring Pages

How adorable is this easy puppy color page?! What color will you use for your little doggy? By the way how cute is his dog tag?!

cutest puppy coloring picture

Puppy Kennel Coloring Page

This little doggy has come out of his kennel to play and maybe get some food. What sort of food do you think he would like to eat? What dog toys would he like to play with? Maybe little kids can draw a small ball for the puppy to chase. Perhaps you might want to try and draw a dog to give him some company. 

cute puppy coloring page

Puppy Picture to Color

This looks like a puppy in a frame!! It would make a great picture for your bedroom wall, after you have finished decorating it! I think this is a great puppy coloring page for Kindergarten kids! What type of dog do you think it is? I think it looks like a Husky dog.

Easy Puppy Coloring Sheet

Puppies Coloring Pages

Lots of adorable puppy heads to color in! Can little kids count the number of puppies and paw prints. How about bones and balls?! Which of the puppy faces is your favorite? Personally I love the little guy with the circle around his eye!

cute puppy face coloring page

Printable Puppy Coloring Pages

Please download the free puppy coloring sheet PDF below which contains your 10 pictures:-

Puppy Coloring Pages PDF

Please tell me which one is your favorite? Maybe you might want to create your own! You can do with my easy dog drawings for kids

Will you print these Cute Puppy Coloring Pages for Kids?

Cute Puppy Coloring Pages

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