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Easter Paper Plate Craft – Treat Basket

This recycled and easy Easter paper plate craft are a fun way to transform an ordinary paper plate into a holder for your Easter treats. I like to call it a paper plate Easter basket craft! What goodies will you put inside? 

easter paper plate basket


Easter Paper Plate Basket Craft

The Easter bunny leaves lots of little treats ALL over the place. You will really need something to put them in. 

This fun basket is a unique way to hold those treats – and you are recycling too! Be one of a kind collecting all your Easter treats.

If you want to give someone an Easter present you can use this basket too.

Just add some basket shred and you are set to give out gifts to friends and family.

I just wonder how much candy and chocolate my kids will collect this year! Hopefully enough for me too!

Easter Paper Plate Craft – DIY Treat Basket

Fun and unique way to hold all those chocolate eggs from the Easter egg hunt. 

Craft Supplies:
  • White paper plate
  • Crayons
  • Pom poms (various colors)
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Hole punch
  • Glue

Step #1:

Use the crayons and decorate the bottom side of the plate. 

Keep in mind we will be folding it in half so make sure your designs don’t get cut off, like if you are adding text.

Step #2:

Fold the plate in half. Make sure the decorated side is on the outside.

Glue each side together, leaving about a third of it open on the top.

Step #3:

Punch a hole in each side to hold the handle of your little basket.

Make sure the holes are equally spaced out on each side.

Step #4:

Thread your pipe cleaner through each side and twist it together to hold in place.

Step #5:

Add pom poms as an added fun decoration. Glue them along the edges, or everywhere if you want!

You are all set for the Easter egg hunt, no treat will be lost this year! Every kid will surely want to make this paper plate Easter basket this year! You can use a colored paper plate or decorate it how you wish! Just make sure you can open it to put your goodies inside!


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Easter Paper Plate Craft

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