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Easy Hot Air Balloon Toilet Roll Craft

My easy hot air balloon toilet roll craft is the perfect Summer activity for little kids! Let them make their own hot air balloon and use it for pretend play.

You could easily fit a small figure inside this one (I’m thinking a hatchimal or My Little Pony).

Easy Hot Air Balloon Toilet Roll Craft

Easy Toilet Roll Hot Air Balloon

This is such an easy Summer toilet paper roll craft idea for kids! Take a used toilet paper roll and convert it into a hot air balloon basket! 

We all love hot air balloons and most of us never get the chance to take a ride across the sky in one, so making your own is the next best thing!

Why not make some more hot air balloon crafts to add to this one!

How to Make a Hot Air Balloon From a Toilet Paper Roll

Like lots of my cardboard tube crafts this does not require lots of other materials

  1. Craft Papers.
  2. Tissue Paper Roll.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue.
  7. Twine. 
  8. Awl.

Hot Air Balloon Toilet Roll Printable Template

Hot Air Balloon Template

Step by Step Toilet Paper Roll Hot Air Balloon Process

Step 1:

Select a toilet paper roll. 

Step 2:

Cut the tissue paper roll in half. And cut out a brown craft paper according to the length and circumference of your tissue paper roll. 

hot air balloon basket craft

Step 3:

Use the PDF templates to cut out the paper balloon shapes. 

Step 4:

Fold all the balloon shapes in half as shown below

how to make an easy hot air balloon

Step 5:

Apply glue on one half of the balloon. 

Step 6:

Join another half side of a balloon shape with the first piece. 

Use the same method to glue all the pieces together just don’t glue both sides together yet.

diy hot air balloon paper craft

Step 7:

Cut out a piece of rope or twine. 

Step 8:

Glue the twine in the center. 

Step 9:

Apply glue on one end of the paper balloon shape. 

hot air balloon cardboard tube craft

Step 10:

Join both ends together. 

how to make a hot air balloon for a school project

Step 11:

Use a knife pen or awl to punch holes in the balloon. This will allow you to connect the string and therefore enable the basket to be connected to the paper balloon. You can see where the holes should be in step 12.

Step 12:

Attach 4 twines on four corners, where you punched the holes as shown. 

how to make a hot air balloon toy

Step 13:

Use sticky tape to attach the rope to the paper roll. 

Step 14:

Wrap the paper roll using brown craft paper. 

how do you make a simple hot air balloon

You can decorate the basket as you wish or leave it plain.

More Summer Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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Other ideas on what to make include other ocean animals, some binoculars and maybe a pirate or mermaid! 

Will you make this Easy Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids?

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