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Lion and Lamb Christmas Ornament Craft

There is nothing I enjoy more in December than making my own Christmas ornaments with the kids! This lion and lamb Christmas ornament craft was so much fun.

Unfortunately we did not get it made in time for Christmas but it is safely packed away for next Christmas when it will take prime position dangling on the tree. 

lion lamb ornament

Animal crafts for kids are huge fun especially when they have a Christmas element to them!! You all know how much I love my toilet paper roll reindeer; he is loved massively by both my kids too. 

I think this particular ornament is suitable for use all year long. Can you also imagine dangling it from a baby’s cot mobile. 

How to Make Lion and Lamb Christmas Ornament

You will be begging me for the step by step craft instructions now you have seen a preview of this beautiful Christmas decoration. If you love animals you will love seeing this lion Christmas ornament craft on your tree.

lion lamb ornament

Lion and Lamb Christmas Ornament Craft

Yield: 1

Christmas craft for kids that helps them create a beautiful lion and lamb ornament to hang on their Christmas tree!


  • 1. Felt fabric
  • 2. Needle and thread
  • 3. Pencil or pen – for tracing the template
  • 4. Scissors
  • 5. Cotton


Step 1:

Print and cut out the template patterns. Customize the size of the template patterns if you want to.

Select felt fabrics for the lion and lamb ornament. Choose yellow and
orange for the lion; white and grey for the lamb.

Trace the template patterns on the selected felt fabrics and cut them out using scissors.

lion lamb ornament craft supplies

Step 2: Take the small round shape (the head of the lion) and the small cut out with ear patterns (the head of the lamb).

Use pencil to draw the face details on these 2 cut outs. I kept the face simple; 2 eyes, the nose and the mouth.

Step 3:

Prepare needle with black thread to stitch face patterns. Doing backstitch for tracing the face details is the best for small items.

step by step craft lion lamb christmas ornament

Step 4:

Done stitching? Draw the needle to the back side of the head cut outs and tie a knot and then cut off extra thread.

Step 5:

Place the lion head on the lion mane cut out and place the lamb head on the lamb body cutout.

Take the lion body cut out and place the small teardrop pattern (the end
of the tail) on the end part of the tail (attached with the body cut out).

Step 6:

Now take anyone of the round base of the ornament; this will be the front side of the ornament. Place the arranged lion and lamb cut outs on the base nicely.

Step 7:

Prepare needle and thread; and stitch around the heads of both lion and lamb, the body of the lion, tail and the ears of the lion. Remember to stitch all the items with the ornament base. 

Step 8:

Once you are done stitching the lion and the lamb on the front ornament base, draw the needle to the back side but do not cut off extra thread.

Take the strip, fold it into half. Place the open ends of the strip on the other base cut out, overlapping about cm with the base and keeping the closed end facing outside the base.

Step 9:

Now place the front side of the base (the stitched one) on the top of the base from previous step. Prepare needle and thread and do running stitch around the sides to join both bases.

Step 10:

Keep a small opening for stuffing the base.

Step 11:

Stuff the base with cotton through the small opening.

Step 12:

After stuffing the base close the small opening by stitching. Tie a knot and cut off extra thread after the stitching is complete.

Free PDF Templates for Lion Lamb Christmas Ornament Craft

I almost forget to provide you with the free template to be able to complete this kids Christmas craft! You can find it below:-

Lion and Lamb Template

Even More Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas crafts for kids are a great way to keep them entertained on the run up to Santa. My kids talk non stop about getting presents so I like to distract them with crafts and remind them there is more to life than Santa!

If making Christmas tree decorations is your thing then you need to check out my DIY Yarn Christmas trees. My pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments are also very easy to make and kids love doing so. 

Do you like this Lion Lamb Ornament Christmas Craft for Kids


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