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Valentine Day Felt Mouse Craft For Kids

This Valentine Day felt mouse craft for kids is perfect for those that want to create a lovable animal! How adorable is this heart mouse craft?!

Valentine crafts for kids are great fun and super cute too! They help kids to show love to their friends and family!

mouse felt craft for kids

You can make so many great things with a small number of materials. 

Felt crafts for kids help you make something that you can keep forever and use as a gift or for home décor. 

These felt mice would be the perfect pretend pet for little ones. You can also use them to decorate their bedrooms!

This little guy is one of my most popular Valentine Animal Crafts

How to make a Valentine Mouse Craft for Kids

Now you have a sneak preview of this adorable felt craft for kids you will want to get stuck in straight away. 

mouse felt craft for kids

Valentine Day Felt Mouse Craft For Kids

Yield: 1

A cute Valentine's Day craft for kids where you get to make an adorable mouse from felt.


  • pink, white, and red crafting felt
  • scissors
  • craft glue or hot glue
  • glue gun
  • black marker


Step 1

Begin by cutting out one large heart for the body of your mouse. It is easiest to create an evenly shaped heart by folding your felt in half, then cutting out the half of the heart.

This method will reveal a symmetrical heart. 

Step 2

Create the ears of your mouse by cutting out two smaller hearts. These hearts should be smaller than the original heart you created, however identical in size. 

Step 3

Once you have your mouse ears, you can glue them in place as shown. Place them near the arches of your original heart. Hold firmly until they are dry.

heart felt mouse craft step by step

Step 4

Create the nose of the mouse by cutting out a tiny heart in a contrasting color. Add some glue and press it to the tip of your original heart. 

Step 5

Finish off the face of the mouse by cutting out small circles for the eyes and skinny strips for whiskers. Glue into place.

Step 6

Use your black marker to add pupils to the eyes. 

Your felt Valentine's Day mouse is now ready to be displayed! 


I made this felt mouse using red, white and pink as it is for Valentine's Day but there is no reason you can change up the colors of felt and have it for other times of the year!

You could make some patriotic mouse felt crafts for kids using blue red and white felt. How about a Halloween mouse. You could use orange black and white felt for him!

You see the opportunities are endless with this craft.

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You could even turn the heart shaped felt pieces into other animals or even people!  Can you think of any other Valentine felt crafts for kids? If you want other animal crafts you can learn how to make a felt hedgehog.

How about this adorable Teddy Bear Valentine Day Mailbox for the classroom to share treats with kids. You could even put some of these felt mice inside for gifts. 

Another great gift idea for little kids on Valentine’s Day is one of these Heart Pencil toppers which are super easy to make. 

If mice are your thing you need to make my walnut mouse, which is adorable for February 14th or even Easter!

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Do you like this Valentine Day Felt Mouse Craft for Kids?

Valentine Day Felt Mouse Craft For Kids

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