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Octopus Crafts for Kids – Mobile Craft

Our octopus crafts for kids will help you bring the ocean, sea or lake to the crafting table and help you complete a mobile craft. This is based on making egg carton octopus and suspending them from string! 

octopus mobile craft

A great way to learn about the beach or the ocean is to create crafts! Not only do you get to teach and learn, you also get to be creative!

We thought it would be cute to hang up a mobile made from cute baby octopus’ as well as being completely recycled materials!

Save the planet and have something adorable to show for it.

If you would like to add some variety, you can change up an octopus for a number of different sea creatures.

Here’s a few critters you could add to your mobile:

  • crabs
  • fish
  • sharks
  • sea shells
  • dolphins
  • jellyfish
  • mermaids
  • coral
  • turtles

I have lots of ocean crafts for kids featuring all of the critters above!

Octopus Crafts for Kids: How to Make an Octopus Mobile Craft

Now let’s get to making our octopus mobile with these easy to follow octopus crafts for kids instructions.

Craft Supplies:
  • Egg carton
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • String (or fishing line)
  • Paper plate
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
Age Range:

3 years old and up

Time to Complete:

30 minutes, plus drying times.

Step #1:

Cut out a number of egg carton pieces – we have made four of them for our mobile, but feel free to add more.

Paint each egg carton cup a different color. Set them aside to dry.

Step #2:

Punch holes in two sides of a paper plate. You will also need a number of smaller holes for each of your octopus mobile pieces. For the smaller holes you can use a pin or the end of a pen to poke them.

egg carton octopus craft

Step #3:

Once all of your paint has dried, glue a pair of googly eyes onto each octopus body. You can pick eyes of a variety of sizes and colors. 

Step #4:

Find a matching pipe cleaner for octopus, or make them rainbow colored – your choice! Be creative!

Cut it into four equal parts and twirl each one. Glue these around the body of your octopus. 

how to make an octopus mobile how to make an octopus out of egg cartons

Step #5:

Poke a hole into the head of each octopus and feed a piece of fishing line (or sting) through and also through the paper plate.

Also feed a string through the two larger holes on your paper plate, these will be used to hang your mobile.

octopus mobile craft process

If you have some materials left you might want to try some of my other egg carton crafts for kids

Now we have used our octopus crafts to bring the underwater critters above the water and into your home! It is fun, bright colored and so adorable as a decoration for your home or classroom!

If you love this I know you will love my toilet paper roll Octopus and my yarn Octopus craft

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Do you like these Octopus Crafts for Kids?

octopus crafts for kids

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