Ocean Crafts For Kids

Summer is coming and there is no better time to start doing some ocean crafts for kids! These are a great way to teach children about different ocean critters and vegetation!

ocean crafts for kids


I love encouraging my kids to explore the ocean and what it entails. We live quite close to the beach so we venture there often.

I always encourage them to watch the waves and think what might live there! 

My ocean kids crafts are suitable from preschool right up to older kids! They get to make octopus, squid, dolphin, crab, mermaids and lots more!

We use a range of different materials and have step by step craft guides to help you create. 


Ocean Crafts For Kids

Find great ocean crafts for kids! These are perfect for the Summer months when children are off school. These are great learning crafts which will educate your kids about sea wildlife as well as improving their fine motor skills.

This easy crab craft helps preschool kids make a crab using a old toilet paper roll! The best thing is that they can play with this afterwards or admire it in their bedroom!

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If you want a yarn ocean kids craft then you need to make this octopus!

This is a good way to educate kids by asking them how many legs they think an octopus has?!

This is a great craft for school age kids who want to learn about ocean critters and how we can make them with different materials.

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This is a brilliant ocean kids craft for children aged 6 and upwards! They get to make fish that move! Even better is the fact that you only need 3 materials to make these, plus you can make them in any color you wish!

Like lots of my easy crafts for kids these are great for pretend play!

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Ask your kids to name something they might find swimming in the ocean! Chances are they will say fish or dolphin!

Surprise them with this dolphin craft with paper! They get to make a pair of swimming dolphins. Now what could we call them!

This is relatively simple paper craft for kids provided you follow the step by step craft and use the available printable templates.

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This popsicle craft for kids is awesome because it is so easy to make! In the end you get a rainbow colored boat which you can actually play with!

Double fun whilst making the craft and then playing afterwards!

Play with it at your water table or in the bathroom sink!

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Seashell crafts are perfect for those that love the ocean and everything associated with it!

This cute couple are created from two seashells and some googly eyes.

Kids will love this Mr and Mrs; they can call them Mum and Dad.

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I absolutely love this ocean craft for preschool because I have a 3 year old at home who loves Nemo, the clownfish!

This activity is great for coordination and fine motor skills as we encourage tiny kids to stick the stripes onto the clownfish!

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If you are looking for some ocean crafts for kids at the end of August before they head back to school encourage them to make this Squid pencil holder!

Pencil holder crafts are a great way to get kids excited about returning to school after their long Summer vacation.

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Easy toddler crafts for kids can be hard to find but this is one of them! It is a simple paper craft featuring ocean animals!

Help them make fish and jellyfish. You only need a few different colors of craft paper, some googly eyes, scissors and glue and you are good to go.

This is great for teaching colors and helping develop hand eye coordination as 2 and 3 year olds stick things down.

Preschool kids will love this too.

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Get your kids to collect shells that have washed in from the seashore! You can thread these or paint them and then hang them on a Christmas tree!

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This simple craft idea is super fun for those who love ocean crafts and the animals you find in it!

Basically it involves painting with lego blocks and then sticking ocean animals down!

For this reason I make it suitable for ages 3 to 6!

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Paper plate animal crafts are huge here in my house; I have a 3 and 4 year old and they love to make their favorites!

This rainbow fish features painting, cutting and adding glitter, my 4 year old will be in heaven making this.

A simple craft that is more than a cut up plate, as you get to make sparkly fins,

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If you like painting rocks then you will love this shark tutorial.

It helps you create the rocks shown in the picture. Obviously this is easier using bigger rocks as opposed to the tiny pebbles you find on the beach.

Mum will have to do most of the work here but an artistic or 8 year old will be able to copy the step by step guide.

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Ocean bookmark crafts for kids are perfect for those that like to read beside the sea!

This Mermaid one will be fabulous for 7 and 8 year old girls who love to cosy up to a novel while relaxing on the beach.

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Why not collect some rocks from the edge of the ocean, take them home and use your fingers to paint flowers!

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Wind chime crafts are super easy to make and this ocean themed one is brilliant! Use some of the leftover shells you have from making your seashell couple and make them into a hanging mobile.

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My kids and I adore hand puppet crafts so this jellyfish one is right up our street!

It is very easy to make and requires cupcake liners, streamers and googly eyes!

These are great for story telling and pretend play also.

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I hope you found this list very comprehensive and I reckon you will agree it pretty much covers most of the animals and things we associate with the ocean.

Why not make several of these and use them for pretend play. You could have your own ocean themed play! 

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Do you like these Ocean Crafts for Kids?

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