Patriotic Crafts for Kids

Use these patriotic crafts for kids to show your pride for your country. It is where you were born and raised, you should be proud of it.

The birthday of a country is a big deal for some countries, like USA and Canada. These days are country wide holidays - no work, no school, just celebrating.

Use these fun crafts to carry around with you on the big day - hang them in pride of your country.

We have created this patriotic cup to celebrate Independence Day. This can be adapted for any country. Simply change the flag painted on the cup to your country's flag.

We have also got a number of great ideas for patriotic activities to do around July 4th and Canada. A fun way to learn about your country and celebrate it!

Patriotic Cup

This is made for the United States, but easily just change the color scheme and the flag and he can be made into a patriotic cup for Canada, Russia, China or any country you wish!

Craft Supplies:

  • Styrofoam, or paper cup
  • Paint (colors of your country)
  • Paint brush
  • Construction paper or craft foam (colors of your country)
  • White paper
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step #1:

Paint an outline of your flag on the cup. Use the cup so it is upside down. 

For our example, we painted on the stripes (roughly) and the outline of the blue square for the American flag.

Step #2:

Continue with your painting of the flag, by filling in your outlines.

For us, we touched up the stripes and colored in the blue square.

Step #3:

Finally, add the details (if you have any) for your flag. 

Allow everything to dry completely.

Step #4:

With the construction paper (or craft foam), cut out feet and something to decorate the top of the cup that symbolizes the country. 

For ours, we used stars in the flag - like the American flag. For Canada you can use maple leaf cut outs. 

Step #5:

Cut out eyes, drawing on pupils with black marker. 

Cut two stripes out of white paper and fold them into accordions (for the legs).

Step #6

Glue the legs to the bottom of the cup. 

Attach a foot to the bottom of each leg.

Step #7

Glue your eyes on the cup, centered with the flag.

Step #8

Glue your decoration onto the top of the cup.

Show pride in your country with these patriotic crafts for kids. 

A fun and whimsical way to say I love you!

Use these patriotic crafts for kids to decorate for the big day, and its something you can keep around all year long. You can be proud of your country everyday!

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Patriotic Activities for Kids

We have also got a number of great ideas for patriotic activities to do around July 4th and Canada Day. A fun way to learn about your country and celebrate it!

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