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Toilet Paper Roll Angels

Our Crafty Critters have made these great toilet paper roll angels craft for kids to help you add those finishing touches to your Christmas tree!

We’ve made an angel tree topper, or she’s beautiful just as a year round guardian angel!

For this craft we will also need to make our doll wig for her hair, we will remind you of these instructions when we get to that step.

She can top your tree at Christmas, then after the holidays place her in your home as your year round guardian angel.

Angel Craft for Kids – Toilet Paper Roll Angel

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper roll
  • Pink tissue paper
  • Coffee filter
  • Craft foam
  • Googly eyes
  • Marker
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Time to Complete:

Approximately 1 hour


Step #1:

Cut out a long length of pink tissue paper. You want this long enough to wrap around your paper roll at least four times. 

Cut it straight on one side, and on an angle on the other side, so it will gradually get smaller in size.

Step #2:

Along the angled side, cut small strips into the tissue paper. Use your fingers and fluff the strips so they are curled and bent randomly.

Step #1Step #2

Step #3:

Cut out a face from peach craft foam, add a circle of the same foam for her nose. 

As well, glue on your googly eyes and draw a smile with a marker.

Step #4:

Take the pink tissue paper you cut and wrap it around the paper roll. Leave about an inch at one end for her head. 

Step #3Step #4

Step #5:

Take your coffee filter and cut it in half. 

Step #6

Glue the face you made onto the area of your paper roll that is not covered by her dress.

Step #5Step #6

Step #7

Now, we need to create our hair for our angel – simple to do out of just some yarn or string


Click here to get those instructions.

(This will pop up separately so you won’t loose this page)

Glue the wig on the top of the paper roll above your face.

Step #8

Add some sparkles to your coffee filters and glue them onto her back. 

Overlap them but make sure on sits a little lower than the other, with the rounded side at the bottom.

Step #7Step #8

Now, our angel crafts for kids are all done! We are set to top up that Christmas tree with a thing of beauty!

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