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What are some Witch Names?

As Halloween comes around we all start to think of Jack O Lanterns, Frankenstein and of course witches! Did you know that there are some witch names that sound really good! 

witch name generator

My kids love witches. We talk about them lots during October and my children were surprised to find out that there are lots of different famous witch names!

One witch that I grew up knowing very well was called Grotbags. She was a wicked with a green face. She was on TV in the early 90s when I was watching childrens’ television. 

This year we have made lots of Halloween witch crafts and I challenged the kids to find a good witch name for each of them as opposed to just calling them spooky or friendly witch! They can use these for roleplay and making up stories – so good for their little imaginations. 

By the way my favorite craft so far has been my flying witch cup craft for Halloween if you want to try and do this why you are on this theme!

You can see some of the suggestions below and pick one for yourself!! I have included links to websites with witch name generators so you can pick one at random. Even better still why not make up your own!

Some of my own suggestions for good witch names for girls and boys!

I had to include some of my own ideas here as opposed to sharing some of other people’s. I decided to use the first initials of my daughter’s first and middle names ( A and R) to make up a name for a female witch. My idea is Aurelia Rosethorn – I think that sounds like a friendly witchy name to me and my little girl loves it. How about another –  Avril Rubecca. These really are random witch names that I literally made up in a few seconds flat.

I did the same with my son’s name and so I used the initials R and O. I found this more difficult but I came up with Raphael Opium. 

Why do you not try and come up with your own witch name using your initials. You could ask your kids to do this for all their friends too. Why not use write the names on place holders and use these for a Halloween party. Please share any ideas with me in the comments.

Now that you have found some awesome first witch names how about finding some witch last names to pair with it?!

How about finding out some Halloween witch names for yourself?

My lucky leprechaun name generator is hugely popular for kids in March so I thought it was about time I gave little ones the chance to find out their witch name. 

You can choose from evil witch names, fantasy ones and even male and female witch names.

Good witch names for girls include Cordelia Payne, Summer Littlewood, Ariel Seaevil and Astrid Loveheart to name a few from Imagine Forest.

My favorite witchy names for boys from this list include Spike Bloodhorn and Rain Coldheart

Find the witch name generator and lots more names at Imagine Forest website. Do you know of any other good websites that offer witch names generator? Or perhaps you have your own novel way of making up a name and would like to share it?

I also found more witch name ideas using The Story Shack

Do you think these are Good Witch Names?

What are some Witch Names?

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