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Yarn Christmas Tree Craft

One of my favorite December crafts is this Yarn Christmas Tree Craft for kids! It is so easy to make and looks fabulous! 

Christmas tree craft with yarn

All the kids talk about come November is when can we put our Christmas tree up! I have to admit I try and avoid doing this until December. One great way to do this is keep my kids entertained by crafting Christmas Trees. 

My easy Christmas tree crafts are for all ages to enjoy and are a must this December! Anything to keep the kids creative and having fun is a win win in my book! Plus we get lots of pretty Christmas decorations out of it to help make our house look nice! 

Yarn is something I have a massive stock of in virtually every color. I keep it in my sewing box for replacing buttons and sewing names onto kid’s uniforms.

Just recently I have found it to be an awesome craft materials and the kids and I have made lots of cool things.

I love yarn crafts for kids and have lots of them for you to check out after you finish making this Christmas tree:-

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Now keep reading to find my easy step by step threading craft to help you create an adorable string Christmas tree on a paper plate.

These are great because you can thread some string through the top of the paper plate and hang it as a decoration. 

Christmas tree craft with yarn

Yarn Christmas Tree Craft

Yield: 1

This Yarn Christmas Tree craft is the perfect paper plate craft for Christmas.


  • 1. Paper plate.
  • 2. Blank paper.
  • 3. Scissors.
  • 4. Pencil.
  • 5. Needle.
  • 6. Yarn.
  • 7. Glue.
  • 8. Pom Pom.
  • 9. Glitter Paper.


Step 1:

Use the tree patterned templates to trace and draw the shape of the tree on the paper plate.

Step 2:

Punch holes on the paper plate along with the tree's outline.

Keep the same gap between each hole.

Step 3:

Thread the needle with green yarn.

Step 4:

Follow the numbers on the template to make the string art.

Take the threaded needle out from the second punched hole from the top(1).

Step 5:

Then put it in through the top hole(2).

Now take the needle out from the second right hole and put it back into the top hole (2).

And now, take the needle out through the 3rd hole from the right.

Step 6:

Similarly, keep putting the needle in and out through the right holes and put it back in through the left holes.

This will create diagonal lines with the yarn.

Step 7:

Make diagonal lines from top to bottom.

Step 8:

Then do the same again but this time go left to right.

After this step, carefully join all the holes on the side with yarn. Use running stitches to connect all the holes.

Step 9:

Draw a star on glitter paper and cut it out. Stick it on the top of your yarn Christmas Tree craft.

Step 10:

Add pom poms randomly throughout the tree to create the impression of decoration. Younger kids will enjoy doing this, while older kids will prefer the initial yarn threading stage.

Yarn crafts for Christmas are hugely popular and I hope you enjoyed making this Christmas tree. Why not make lots (maybe in different colors) and put them on your wall this year!

If you still want some more great Christmas decor crafts please check out my pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments

Before you leave please remember to download your free Christmas tree template

String Art Christmas Tree Template

Did you enjoy this Yarn Christmas Tree Craft?

Yarn Christmas Tree Craft

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