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Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Fun and unique Easter egg crafts for kids that will show you how to create yarn Easter eggs, filled with your Easter treats.

string mache easter egg crafts


We have all made paper mache with newspaper, some glue and water, like in my Earth Day mobile craft. Now here’s a spin on that!

We have string mache. It works the same way with a glue and water mixture. We just use string instead of newspaper. 

You can also use thicken materials like wool or yarn. The results will be the same, just thicker. 

To ensure your treats are inside your egg, you must add the treats beforehand, but placing them inside the balloon. Make sure your treats are smaller in size so they fit inside the opening of a balloon.

String Mache Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Leave a few of these easter egg crafts out for the Easter egg hunt! 

Craft Supplies:

  • String (variety of colors)
  • Balloon
  • Treats
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Bowl

Step #1:

Place your treats inside the balloon before your blow it up.

Blow up the balloon to your desired size. This will be the size of your egg.

Step #2:

Create a mache mixture in the bowl. 3/4 part glue, 1/4 part water.

Place a long piece of string inside the mixture and let it sit for about thirty seconds so it soaks up the glue. 

Wrap this piece of string around the balloon. 

Repeat this process with four to five more different colors of string. 

Step #3:

Place the balloon in the sink and allow it to dry. 

Make sure it is fully dry before you pop it because it will not stay its shape if any part of it is damp still. We recommend leaving it overnight. 

Once dry, pop the balloon. 

Step #4:

Cut the popped balloon so your candies will stay in the egg. 

Remove the balloon.

Now, you have a great decoration for the Easter season, and some treats to snack on to celebrate!


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More Easy Easter Crafts Like This One:

Here are a few more Easter crafts for you to create together this Easter holiday!

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Easter Bunny Cup: Trade those plain drinking cups for fun and festive Easter cups!

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These easy Easter egg crafts fun to add to the Easter egg hunt. These are also a great way to decorate and be festive!

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