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Easy to Draw Animals – Animal Drawings for Kids

Recently one of my favorite things to do with my kids is drawings of animals! It is so much fun and a great bonding experience! I have decided to share some easy to draw animals with you all and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

easy to draw animals

How do you start Drawing Animals

I started by buying my 6 year old daughter a book on simple animal sketches and asked her to copy them. I realised it was rather difficult unless broken down into individual steps.

This is what prompted me to do my own easy animal drawings for kids! When you break things down it makes it so easy!! 

What is the Easiest Animal to Draw?

Many little kids always ask which animal is easiest to draw? To be honest there are easy drawings of most animals out there. 

In my opinion my dog drawing was the one I found simplest. I have not yet attempted to draw a fish, pig or chick and I think these are also easy animals to draw. Start with the easiest and watch your child’s confidence grow. Soon they will be asking you to do more complicated drawings. 

Have you tried some animal drawing ideas? If so which did you think was the most simple?

Find my list of cute animal drawings below

  1. Easy Turkey Drawing – perfect for Thanksgiving art project
  2. Elephant Drawing Tutorial
  3. How to draw a Penguin 
  4. How to draw a dog for kids
  5. Easy to draw cow
  6. Unicorn Drawing
  7. Cute Hedgehog Drawing

How to Draw Animals Step by Step – Find my list of easy to draw animals

Easy to Draw Animals - Animal Drawings for Kids

Who is looking for a list of easy to draw animals? Please find some of my best animal drawings for kids.

What other animal drawing ideas would you like me to feature? Please let me know in the comments. 

We can use these as posters or stick them onto cardstock and use as a greeting card for numerous occasions. 

Sometimes I ask my kids to write a short story below their illustration!! I always encourage them to use a range of adjectives when describing their picture! Making learning fun is possible with these easy animal drawings!

Which Animal Drawing for Kids is your Favorite?


Animal Drawings for Kids

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