How to Draw a Turkey Step By Step

Thanksgiving is coming and of course that means time for turkey! My how to draw a turkey step by step tutorial is perfect for kids this November!

how to draw turkey step by step

This turkey picture may look difficult but when you break it down into individual steps it is very simple! Who wants to draw a simple turkey?! This is just one of my fun turkey crafts and activities for kids this year. 

You can use your drawing for the front of a Thanksgiving card or for a poster for your wall. Why not have a competition and see who can draw the best turkey the quickest! 

If you want to know how to draw a turkey easily then check out my free drawing tutorial below.

how to draw turkey step by step

How to Draw a Turkey Step By Step

Yield: 1

My how to draw a turkey step by step tutorial is perfect for kids this November.


  • Drawing Book.
  • Pencil.
  • Color pencil/Crayon/MarkerPen..
  • Ruler.
  • Eraser.


Step 1:

First draw a circle for the turkey’s head. 

Step 2:

Then draw another circle below the first circle slightly overlapping it with the first circle. This will be the turkey’s body. 

turkey drawing tutorial

Step 3:

Erase the overlapped lines using a pencil eraser.

how to draw a turkey on a piece of paper

Step 4:

Draw two triangular shapes on the bottom side of the large circle as the turkey’s feet. 

Step 5

Draw the beam shape on the centre of the top circle. Your turkey drawing should now look like this.

how to draw a turkey with a pencil

Step 6:

Draw two circular shales on the top part of the small circle as the turkey’s eyes. 

Step 7:

Draw the pupil of the eyes and your turkey portrait should look as below.

turkey drawing instructions for kids

Step 8:

Then, draw the turkey’s comb on the top of it's head.

Step 9:

Draw two extended curved lines from both sides of the turkey’s body. 

how to draw a turkey by hand

Step 10:

Then draw a large half circular line joining the two curved lines ends together. 

Step 11:

Draw equal distant dots on the half circular shapes. 

turkey sketch easy

Step 12:

Then, draw lines from the dots to the turkey’s back drawing the turkey's wings.

Erase the small lines in between each dots to make the wings appear curvy. 

Thanksgiving turkey drawing easy

Step 13:

Draw two small lines on the top part of each feather keeping a small gap. 

turkey drawing easy step by step

Step 14:

Draw the turkey’s wattle below the beak. 

Step 15: 

Fill in the turkey’s body using brown colour. 

Step 16: 

Color the feet using yellow color.

Step 17:

Colour the wattle using a light coral shade.

Step 18:

Colour the turkey’s comb using a slightly darker brown shade.

Step 19:

Colour the bottom parts of the feathers using orange paint.

Step 20:

Then colour the rest of the feathers using dark red and dark brown colors. 

You can color the turkey whatever colors you wish.

For those who want even more Thanksgiving fun, why not complete some of my cute turkey coloring pages

Do you now know how to draw a turkey step by step?

How to Draw a Turkey

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