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How to Draw an Easy Hedgehog – Hedgehog Drawing Step by Step

Learn how to draw an easy hedgehog step by step with my kids drawing tutorial complete with images! Perfect Fall activity for kids!

easy hedgehog picture to draw 

Little kids love doing seasonal activities and Fall brings lots of things for children to make, color and draw! They can choose from the bottom orange/brown leaves, pumpkins, turkeys and other Fall animals!

Directed drawing is great for kids and my step-by-step drawing tutorials help the youngest of kids learn how to copy pictures of almost anything. Just recently I did an easy pumpkin drawing and a turkey drawing easy which my 7-year-old was able to copy following my instructions.

In our house we are currently focusing on Fall animals! We have made lots of easy squirrel crafts and now have turned our attention to hedgehog crafts. Our easy paper plate hedgehog made both my kids want to learn how to draw a baby hedgehog. 

I have instructions on how to draw a hedgehog easy below with pictures along the way.

easy hedgehog picture to draw 

How to Draw an Easy Hedgehog Step by Step

Yield: 1

Learn how to draw an easy hedgehog step by step with my kids drawing tutorial complete with images! Perfect Fall activity for kids!


  • Sketch Book or Art Paper.
  • Pencils (HB/2B).
  • Eraser.
  • Sharpener.
  • Ruler (Optional)


Step 1:

First, draw an equilateral triangle, on the right side of the triangle draw a slightly large circle, and then on the right side of the circle draw a scalene triangle. 

How to draw a hedgehog process

Use the three shapes as your guide to draw the hedgehog’s body shape. 

Step 2:

Erase the circle and the triangles neatly using an eraser. 

Last erase the part where you will be drawing the hedgehog’s ears, front legs and fore legs. 

easy hedgehog drawing instructions

Step 3:

Use a protractor or free hand to draw a half-circular shape. Then draw some spikes on the half circular shape to draw the hedgehog’s back. Your easy hedgehog drawing should currently look as below.

Step 4:

Draw the hedgehog’s nose. Just simply draw a small oval-like shape on the front pointy part f the hedgehog’s body. Draw a half circle-shaped ear on the top as well for the hedgehog’s ear.

Step 5:

Draw an “L” shaped front leg and foreleg on the bottom part as shown in hedgehog picture below.

Step 6:

Draw another half-circular shape inside the ear.

Step 7:

Draw the spikes on the back using 3 zig-zag lines.

how to draw hedgehog spikes

Step 8:

Draw the hedgehog’s eyes using circles.

Then draw a smile using a curve line on the bottom of the hedgehog’s head.

how to draw a hedgehog easy instructions

Step 9:

Fill in the nose area using black color. Then color the eyeballs using black color as well.

Then, use pink color to color the inner-ear part. 

Step 10:

Select a light brown or a yellow shade to color the hedgehog's body.

easy hedgehog drawing project for school

Step 11:

Then use a dark brown shade to color the hedgehog’s back. 

Step 12:

Draw and color the cheek using pink color. (Optional). I think this gives more contrast and is a nice finishing touch.

easy baby hedgehog for kids to draw

How long did it take you to complete this easy hedgehog drawing? Would you like to see a picture of more hedgehog easy drawing ideas? 

Will you give your baby hedgehog a name? How about making lots of these and having a family of them. 

You can decorate yours too. Why not add rainbow hairbands or blue bowties to them? 

Would you like more hedgehog crafts and maybe some coloring pages to support this? Maybe you would like more pictures of hedgehogs to draw?

What other drawing tutorials would you like to see featured here? More Fall animals or something else?

Do you know how to Draw an Easy Hedgehog Step by Step?

How to Draw an Easy Hedgehog Step by Step

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