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Examples of Paper Animals for Youngsters – Fun and Easy to Make

Paper toys are, as the name implies, paper toys created by folding, cutting, and gluing pieces of paper. In Japan, paper folding is called “Origami” it is a hobby that allows you to create animals, flowers, and other objects.

paper animals for youngsters

Paper animals are easy to make, especially when you are following instructions. How to make animals from paper is popular with preschoolers since it is one of the activities inside the classroom. Here is a list of paper animals that youngsters will surely love:


Paper is an excellent medium for a wide range of crafts! If you like cats and wish to make some of these quirky creatures out of paper, make an origami cat, which is simple and enjoyable.

Make a cat out of a paper plate for another simple activity. Make a kitty that stands on its own if you have some cardstock on hand.


There are various types of origami dogs, some of which are distinct breeds and others have different portions of the dog (like the head). Origami is a fun and easy activity that requires a sheet of paper and a hard surface to fold on. Depending on your skill level, an amateur-level origami dog can take 5 to 20 minutes to complete.


There are numerous types of paper birds that you can create. The Crane and the Flying Bird are two of the most recognized. They may look hard, yet both are made with regular origami paper and a series of basic folds. Once you’ve mastered the first two, you can move on to more exotic origami birds.


Fish are colorful, exciting creatures that you may build yourself in origami. You only need a square sheet of paper. The folding of paper will be the easiest to work with, but you can also experiment with different types of paper. My origami fish are one of the simplest animals to make!

Begin creating the base for your fish, then fold the tail and fins, and you are done! You may include your fish in your origami animal kingdom. 

Jumping Frog

A sheet of paper and some folding skills are all you need to make a lovely, bouncing frog. The frog jumps when you press down on its back! Begin with a piece of paper and a few easy folds to create an origami jumping frog. To achieve the ideal result, follow some steps!


Making an elephant is a fun endeavor for anyone familiar with the art of origami. You begin with a square piece of origami paper and fold it to make guidelines.

The instructions are creases that assist you in aligning the series of folds required to mold the paper into an elephant. Then you may give your elephant features like feet and a trunk with a few extra folds.


Origami bunnies are adorable and entertaining. You may doodle on your rabbit, establish families for it, and even make it hop!


Anyone who likes marine life will enjoy making an origami whale. Making a whale is a pretty simple task for anyone familiar with fundamental origami folds. A piece of origami paper and a pair of scissors are required.

Fold the paper carefully to make the whale’s body and little details like the flippers and tail.


Origami is a modern art form that has been a Japanese tradition for decades. There are numerous methods for folding dragons, each with its unique style and craftsmanship.

Most dragons are medium to advanced-level origami designs, but if you are just getting started, you can try a beginner-level dragon. You can make a lovely basic origami dragon by following a few simple steps.


Origami turtles can be folded in several ways using square and rectangular paper. It’s a great origami project to do at home or a picnic. Make a simple, creative origami turtle with simple folds or a more advanced turtle with more difficult folds.

These enjoyable and simple-to-make paper animals will be a favorite pastime of your youngster. Aside from being creative, it is also helpful for their cognitive skills since it stimulates the brain.

Which of these Paper Animals Would You Like to Make?

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