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How to Make Mermaid Tail Bookmarks

I love making Summer bookmarks, my latest being my cute Mermaid tail bookmarks! This is an easy paper craft that girls will love, plus they have something useful when it is completed!!

mermaid tail craft

Mermaid Bookmark Crafts

I love my large range of bookmark ideas and was shocked that I have never made any Mermaid tail bookmarks until now!!

Little girls will just adore my latest Mermaid craft which helps them make their own paper tail bookmark. 

This easy coffee filter craft takes around 30 minutes to complete and is the perfect activity for a group of little girls some afternoon.

If you like using this material then why not make my coffee filter flowers when you are finished this one!

Why not have a Mermaid themed party with costume and activities like this bookmark craft?!

How to Make Mermaid Tail Bookmarks

How to Make Mermaid Tail Bookmarks

Get down to The Dollar Store and stock up on all your necessary craft supplies


Mermaid bookmark craft materials

  • Coffee Filters – Dollar Store
  • Washable Markers, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue – Dollar Store
  • Cardstock, White – Dollar Store
  • Glue Stick or Adhesive Runner – Dollar Store
  • Glitter Glue, Blue, Green, Clear – Dollar Store
  • Gallon Size Zipper Bag OR Metal Baking Sheet Pan – Dollar Store
  • Scissors
  • Scallop Craft Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Water Spray Bottle

Mermaid Bookmark Craft Template


Step by Step Mermaid Bookmark Craft Process


Flatten the round coffee filters and add color in a variety of patterns with washable markers in mermaid colors. 

Place on a gallon size zipper bag or metal baking sheet pan and then mist with a water spray bottle. 

Watch the magic as the colors blend and swirl!  Set aside to dry.

Mermaid coffee filter craft


Download and print the MERMAID BOOKMARK PATTERNS above.  Cut out each mermaid tail shape with scissors. 

Trace onto heavier cardstock paper and cut out again with scissors. 

Select two tie-dyed coffee filters that are color coordinated, one lighter and one darker.

Mermaid coffee filter bookmark craft


Trace the mermaid fin on the tie-dyed coffee filter, cut out with scissors and attach to the cardstock bookmark base with a glue stick or adhesive runner. 

Repeat with the top edge of the mermaid tail bookmark, and then cut the rest of the coffee filters into strips approximately one-half inch wide.

how to make mermaid bookmarks


Cut one edge of each tie-dyed coffee filter strip with decorative scallop scissors.  Starting at the bottom fin, attach strips of mermaid scales to the bookmark with a glue stick or adhesive runner. 

mermaid bookmark ideas

Overlap each strip on top of the previous strip until the entire bookmark is covered.  Flip bookmark over and trim away excess coffee filter with scissors.

mermaid bookmark craft instructions


Add a bit of sparkle and shine with glitter glue scallops and lines.  Set aside to dry. 

diy mermaid bookmark ideas

Add names to the back with markers or even letter stickers.

This is just one of my fun Mermaid activities for kids

Will you Make these Mermaid Tail Bookmarks?

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