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Coffee Filter Flower

These easy coffee filter flowers preschool will keep little hands busy and little minds creative! Make them in as many colors as you like, and use them to decorate your home or brighten up someone’s day!

DIY Coffee Filter Flower Crafts for Kids

Our coffee filter flower is such a hit all year long and one of the most popular home-made flower crafts for kids around!

It is a fun and easy way to make some unique flowers out of coffee filters and a pipe cleaner. It is amazing what wonderful things you can make with a few materials!

coffee filter flower crafts for kids

These flowers are super easy to make, and completely customizable with the how you choose to decorate the coffee filter. My preschool kids love making these!

Here’s a few other ideas to make these flowers unique:

  • Make a variety of these and cut the coffee filters into different sizes.
  • Add two coffee filters instead of just the one in our instructions. Make the second filter a smaller size, gives your flower some extra petals.

My list of easy flower crafts for kids includes lots more great ideas!

How to DIY Coffee Filter Flower

Now you have seen how good these look you will be itching to get your kids to make something similar. 

coffee filter flower diy

Coffee Filter Flower

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 23 minutes
Difficulty: easy

A simple preschool craft which lets little kids make coffee filter flowers from inexpensive materials! Aimed at kids from age 3 onwards.


  • Coffee filters
  • Crayons, markers, paint
  • Pom pom (yellow)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors


    Step #1:

Decorate the inside of your coffee filter. This will be the pedals of your flower. We decided on a nice bright rainbow, coloured with a great coloring powder product called Ezyshaid (which we will review in the near future)

Step #2:

Place your yellow pom pom into the center of your newly coloured coffee filter. Fold the filter around the pom pom and wrap your pipe cleaner around the back side of the coffee filter.

Flip your filter back around and flatten out your flower.

Add a small piece of pipe cleaner to the stem to make a leaf or two.

Now we've got ourselves some pretty flowers that can be made any time of the year! Make a bouquet of them - in all different colors!


You can switch the crayons for coloring pencils or even paints. There is not limit as to what designs you can do on the coffee filter. You could even glue on glitter or sequins!

Now we’ve got ourselves some pretty flowers that can be made any time of the year! Make a bouquet of them – in all different colors!

Flower crafts – Great for mom or just to decorate!

Flower Crafts for Kids: Coffee Filter Flower

You can always use these flower crafts for a variety of things. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Give a bouquet of them to mom for Mother’s Day.
  • Leave one on your teacher’s desk to show what a great teacher they are.
  • Decorate the house to welcome spring.
  • Add one to a birthday gift instead of a name tag or card.

Why not also make a paper flower bouquet or some easy paper roses alongside this activity. 

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Did you like this Coffee Filter Flower DIY Craft?

coffee filter flower diy

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