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How to Make Yoda Pop Up Birthday Card

My Yoda Pop Up Birthday card is hugely popular for little boys, older boys and men alike!! I mean who does not love Star Wars and Yoda! 

yoda pop up card diy

May 4th is known as the day Star Wars fans celebrate it’s existence. This DIY Birthday Pop up card would be perfect for guys who celebrate a Birthday on this day! But you can make this and send it at any time of the year. 

If you want all things Yoda, why not make my Baby Yoda Toilet Paper roll craft

I have started making lots of great unique pop up cards for all times of the year. I still need to do a Halloween themed one but that is next on my agenda!

You can see how to make a Star Wars Birthday card featuring Yoda by following my step by step pop up card procedure below complete with images!


yoda pop up card diy

How to Make Yoda Pop Up Birthday Card

Yield: 1

Learn how to Make Yoda Pop Up Birthday Card for boys and girls who love Star Wars! Use these even as greeting cards at any time of the year.


  • Cardstock Paper.
  • Craft paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Ruler.
  • Colourful markers.
  • 2 Templates


Step 1:

Fetch your supplies and print out the PDF template. 

First, take your craft papers. Use the templates to trace and cut out the pieces for the Yoda. 

diy pop up birthday card with yoda

Step 2:

Glue the eyes on the top part of Yoda’s head.

Then glue the cloth’s neck with the cloth. 

paper yoda craft for pop up card

Step 3:

Now, glue the cloth over Yoda’s body.

And then, glue both hands over the middle of the cloth.

Yoda pop up card diy process

Step 4:

Prepare your cards.

Take one large card stock and one card-stock 1 inch smaller than the first one.

diy pop up cards

Step 5:

Take the smaller card and fold it in half., Use the PDF “template 2” to draw two horizontal lines on the closed side of the card (according to the template). 

Step 6:

Cut along the lines. And then fold the cut-out part. 

Step 7:

Put the cut-out part inwards. 

Step 8:

When you open up the card it will look like this (Process 8.jpg).

how to make pop up card process

Step 9:

Put the smaller card inside the bigger card.

First glue one side of both cards together. 

yoda pop up card craft procedure

Step 10:

Glue the Yoda on the cut-out bump inside the card. 

Use some paper stars to decorate the background.

Then glue the message on the bottom part of the card.

yoda star wars pop up card

Step 11:

Finish your card by writing the message on the card’s cover.


This does not have to be a Birthday card. It can be a Father's Day card or even a Valentine's Day card.

Will you use this DIY Yoda Star Wars pop up card as a Birthday card or for another time of the year?! You could use it as a Valentine’s Day card for a little boy who loves Star Wars.

You could even use it as a Happy Star Wars Day card for May 4th. Or how about using it for Father’s Day?

I can provide lots more Star Wars Birthday card ideas such as one featuring Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker or even Princess Leia. 

You will need the 2 free printable templates below to complete this Yoda Birthday card

Yoda Pop Up Card Template 1

Yoda DIY Pop Up Card Template 2 (Card)

Do you like this Yoda Pop Up Birthday Card?

How to Make Yoda Pop Up Birthday Card

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