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Seahorse Craft With Paper

My seahorse craft with paper is perfect for Summertime! Why not do it on a day after visiting the beach.

Find out how to make a seahorse out of paper below!

How to Make Seahorse from Paper

The Summer months are coming, thankfully and that means long days at the beach in the hot sunshine! I always use these days to encourage my kids to think what creatures they might find at the beach.

We have already worked through a list of easy ocean crafts including my paper dolphin

My little girl just loves talking about things that swim in the sea such as mermaids and seahorses! We have tons of Mermaid crafts for kids but this is the first seahorse we have made!

An unusual fact about seahorses is that the males give birth to their offspring as opposed to the females. 

I made a pair of seahorses as they like company! You too can make these with your kids using my easy craft procedure with colored craft papers and scissors.

How to Make a Seahorse Out of Paper

seahorse paper craft

Seahorse Craft With Paper

Yield: 1

My seahorse craft with paper is perfect for the Summer months when you want a break from outdoors but are still thinking about all things beach!


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. Craft glue
  • 3. Sharpie
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Scissors
  • 6. Printable Template


Step 1:

Select 3 different colored craft papers for the paper seahorse craft. Trace the fin patterns on a colored craft paper, the body base on another paper and the front body pattern on a different colored paper.

Cut out the eye directly from the template and also cut out the small round shape (blush) from a pink colored paper.

This is a good fine motor activity for little kids as they practice their cutting skills.

seahorse craft step by step procedure

Step 2:

Use craft glue or Pritt stick to stick the top fin and the back fin on the body base cutout of the seahorse pattern.

how to make a paper seahorse

Step 3:

Stick the front body cutout on the belly part of the body base cutout.

Step 4:

Attach the eyes and the blush cutout on the head part of the body base.

Use a sharpie or black gel pen to trace the mouth of the papercraft seahorse.

You can add more details using colorful markers if you want to.

You can also add glitter if you want also!

seahorse paper craft


What will you do with your paper seahorse craft? Will you use it as a poster on your wall? Maybe you will stick in on a greeting card and send it as a Birthday card to a friend. 

If you need some more ideas for indoors check out my list of easy Summer crafts for kids

Please remember to download your free printable Sea horse craft template

Seahorse Template

Do you like this Seahorse Craft with Paper?

Seahorse Craft With Paper

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