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Leprechaun Hat Pencil Topper Craft

Our Leprechaun Hat Pencil Topper St Patricks Day craft for children will turn your pens and pencils into festive decorations for this Irish themed holiday.

St Patricks Day is filled with ideas of good luck and happy little leprechauns.

We’ve created plenty of pencil topper craft ideas throughout the site, and here’s one for St Patrick’s Day too.

If you need in depth instructions on how to make these we’ve photographed and given step by step instructions with our pumpkin critter and our love puff Valentine pencil toppers.

The general idea is the same, we are just changing what is on top of the topper!

This is just one of my fabulous Leprechaun crafts for March


Lucky Pencil Topper Craft with a Leprechaun Hat

It is believed that leprechauns give good luck, but thought it be cruel to make a leprechaun sit on top of your pencil for long periods of time (and we didn’t think he would sit still!).

Instead with our St Patricks Day crafts for children we have taken his hat and this way you aren’t annoying the little guy and you still have some of his luck rub off on you!

The supplies are simple too! All you need is craft foam, a pipe cleaner, glue and scissors. 

These pencil toppers sometimes can be easier to put together with hot glue. We have used it to speed up our creation time.

If you are going to use hot glue, make sure you are supervised by an adult.

Step #1:

First off you will cut out a rectangle from green craft foam.

Roll this up to make the body of your hat. Glue the two ends together.

Step #2:

Cut a circle out of the green foam. Make sure this circle is the size of the inside of your hat body (the tube we just glued together).

Glue this to the top of your hat.

Step #3:

Now, we need to cut a larger circle out of the same green craft foam. This time we will make it larger than the hat.

This will be the brim. Glue it to the bottom.

Step #4:

Make a buckle out of yellow craft foam and glue it above the brim of your hat.

Now simple twirl your pipecleaner around your pen and stick the hat on top (some glue is helpful to keep it in place).

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Maybe you want to make more St Patrick’s Day pencil toppers? You could make a rainbow pencil topper or even a pot of gold. 


These St Patricks Day crafts for children are great for any age, and give a festive feel to the classroom.

We have made them for Halloween and Valentine’s Day as well as some other great seasonal and holiday toppers.

Always have your pencil dressed up for the season or holidays.  

If you fancy seeing more of these great Irish themed crafts please check out my entire list of St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids

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Do You Like This Lucky Leprechaun Hat Pencil Topper Craft?

Leprechaun Hat Pencil Topper Craft

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