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Sun Pinata Paper Mache

This sun piñata paper mache is a fun way to bring the summer to the crafting table. This time we will be creating some sunshine crafts that you can bring outside for some added fun this summer! My paper mache sun is much easier to make than you think! Just follow my step by step guide1

sun pinata sunshine craft

Easy Paper Mache Pinata

We’ve made a few different pinata’s in the past like this paper mache baseball; this one however is a very summery theme. 

It’s a fun little game for those summer BBQ’s and parties. How about using it for a Summer Birthday party. 

Once you’ve created it you can hang it up and take a swing at it!

Sun Pinata DIY – How to Make a Paper Mache Pinata for Summer

Let me show you the craft procedure step by step so you can have your own! 

Craft Supplies:

  • Balloon
  • Newspaper
  • Water
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Paper (orange and yellow)
  • White paper
  • Candy 
  • Paint brush
  • Black marker

Age Range:

  • 5 years and up

Time to Complete:

  • 60-90 minutes (plus overnight drying)

Step #1:

Create your paper mache mixture for this sun pinata. This will be one part water to one part glue – mixed well. Cut up squares of newspaper, and blow up your balloon.

Dip a square of newspaper in your paper mache mixture and place it on the balloon – repeat this until the balloon is completely covered. Allow the balloon to dry for an hour or two.

Step #2:

Repeat the same process as step one, but this time instead of newspaper use white paper (this makes it easier for coverage when we add the tissue paper). Allow the balloon to dry overnight. Once it is dry, pop the balloon and remove it. 

Step #3:

Add whatever wrapped candy you would like to the inside. Cover the hole with some white paper (same process as the first two steps) add a piece of string in there as well for easy hanging.

Cut up some squares of yellow tissue paper, and make some more paper mache mixture. As tissue paper is a bit more fragile, place the square on the white paper and use a paint brush to brush on some of your paper mache mixture – repeat this until the whole thing is covered. Allow to dry for a few hours.

Step #4:

Once it is somewhat dry we can start with the rays on our sun. Cut out squares of orange tissue paper.

Wrap one around the end of a pencil, dip the end in some glue and then place it around the sun (making a circle of rays). Repeat this until you have gone full circle.

Step #5:

Cut out two ovals from white paper, draw black pupils in the center and glue them to the center of your sun. With your black marker add a smile.

You now have your sunshine pinata paper mache craft. Our summer crafts kids are all done and now you are ready to entertain at your next BBQ or summer party!

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Do you like my Sun Pinata?

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