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Love Bug Valentine Craft

February 14th is the best time to do my Love Bug Valentine Craft which is perfect for kids to do at school, in Sunday school or at home with Mum and Dad!

Popsicle Stick Love Bug

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do crafts to say I Love You, whether they are for Mum, Dad or your friends!

These love bugs are made using popsicle sticks and a splash of paint. I have a free step by step craft procedure to help you recreate these.

They come with wings, but do not worry these little guys are here to stay!

I literally have tons of cute Valentine’s Day crafts for kids including mailboxes, animal crafts, treat holders, flower vases and more! Most of these come with free templates which means young kids can do them with Mum’s assistance.

Find out how to make popsicle stick bugs below

Popsicle Stick Love Bug

Love Bug Valentine Craft

Yield: 1

This Love Bug Valentine craft for kids is the perfect gift for kids to make for Mum or even a friend this February 14th, using popsicle sticks!


  • Regular size popsicle sticks
  • Small popsicle sticks (you can cut regular size ones if you cannot find these)
  • Red paint & paint brush
  • Black paint pen or marker
  • Craft eyes
  • Craft pom poms
  • Construction paper
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Hot glue


Step 1

Evenly line up 7 regular size popsicle sticks 

Step 2

Using hot glue gun, run a line of hot glue the entire length of a small popsicle stick & press it horizontally onto one end of the 7 sticks - repeat this step on the other end as well. Mum or Dad will have to help small kids complete this step.

Step 3

Flip the newly made board over and coat with an even layer of red paint and leave to dry

Step 4

Glue the eyes in place

Step 5

Use paint pen or marker to draw on hairline, heart shaped nose and mouth

Step 6

Use paint pen or marker to add hearts to body

Step 7

For the antennae, cut the pipe cleaner in half and attach from the back of the board - if desired, add craft poms to the end of each 

Step 8

Using the construction paper, cut out 2 heart shaped pieces for the wings and decorate as desired

Step 9

Attach the wings with glue from the back of the board 

Your Love Bug Valentine craft is now complete!  

What will you do with your Popsicle Stick Love Bug Valentine? Will you proudly display it in your house? Perhaps you will give it to a friend. 

Can you think of anymore Popsicle Stick Valentine crafts? Perhaps you could make a heart from popsicle sticks?

How about placing it inside my Paper Bag Valentine Mailbox before handing it over to someone. 

Please check out my list of Valentine crafts for more February fun!

Do you like this Love Bug Valentine Craft with Popsicle Sticks?

Love Bug Valentine Craft

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