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Winter Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Now that December is upon us there is no better time to do some winter paper plate crafts for kids! There are lots to choose from paper plate Polar bear to Christmas trees, penguins, and Snowmen to name a few!

Easy paper plate crafts for winter

Paper Plate Winter Crafts for Kids 2023

In my opinion the Winter months are the best time to do crafts. I mean you do not feel guilty not being outside as it is way too cold, and sometimes dangerous when it is really icy!

You know that paper plates are so versatile and there are so many things you can create with them! Add a splash of paint or two! Cut them up, stick things on, do some coloring! 

I bought a pack of 100 white paper plates for a dollar and these have led to endless hours of fun for my kids. 

We talked about Winter and I asked them what sort of things they would expect to see during this season! Mainly the said snowmen and snowflakes!

I then asked them about wildlife during the Winter and how there are far less insects roaming around. They love my collection of bee crafts, but these insects are completely absent during Winter due to lack of flowers and sunlight!

Other things they mentioned included igloos, polar bears and skiing! I am not sure I have seen any skiing crafts but I might have to create my own sometime. 

I asked a few of my favorite crafters for some of their ideas and I have compiled a list of easy paper plate Winter crafts! 

Of course you can mix n match these ideas and come up with your own!

Winter Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

These Winter paper plate crafts will help your kids unleash their creativity this Winter whilst taking a break from the cold outdoors!

If you like these I know you will adore my list of cotton ball crafts for kids as well as my January crafts for kids which feature lots of Winter craft ideas. 

If snow is on your mind you can do these easy Snowman crafts for preschool

Can you think of any other great Winter crafts with paper plates? You can use your completed ideas as pictures for the wall or gifts for friends!! 

Which of these Easy Winter Paper Plate Crafts for Kids is your favorite?

Winter Paper Plate Crafts for Kids


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