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30+ Cute Crafts For Valentines Day 2024

There is no better way to show love and appreciation on February 14th than to make and gift some cute crafts for Valentines Day! February crafts come no better than these DIY cards, mailboxes, rose and heart crafts! There is something for everyone!

Valentine Crafts for Kids


These easy Valentine crafts for kids look fabulous and keep your kids busy and entertained! 

You could do one of these a day for the next few weeks and you will have quite a collection! I love crafting with my kids and these seasonal ideas will both stimulate and educate them!

There is a large variety of easy kids crafts for Valentine Day including ones using paper, toilet rolls, foam, felt and other common craft supplies! 

They will be able to make Valentine mailboxes to receive treats and cards, as well as treats to gift to others!

If you have 3 year olds in your home then you might be interested in my Preschool Valentine Crafts

My list of Valentine Crafts for Kids

Clay Pot Love Bug – Valentine’s day crafts for kids don’t come much cuter or brighter than this adorable pot craft!

Hot Air Balloon Valentine Mailbox – send your Valentine high into the sky with one of my favorite hot air balloon crafts

Cute Crafts For Valentines Day

You will be able to enjoy the run up to February 14th with these cute crafts for Valentines Day!!

You can make love bugs, garlands, banners, cards, envelopes, necklaces and all sorts of home decor to celebrate this special day of love!

Valentine Crafts to Sell

Many people have asked me if these are Valentine crafts to make and sell. I would definitely say several of these are. My love bug clay pot would make an excellent gift for someone! This would be suitable for women of any age. I would recommend selling it for around $5. 

With regards to other Valentine’s Day crafts to sell my Hershey Kiss would make an awesome gift for both girls and boys! You could easily sell these for $1 each!

I am hoping these cute crafts for Valentine Day will keep both Mum and kids busy in the few weeks leading up to February 14th. 

Other Valentine Day Activities for Kids

There is something here to suit kids of all ages! If you prefer to do some coloring then why look at my Valentine gnome coloring pages to print

gnome valentine printable coloring sheets

I also have some cute realistic rose coloring pages and some heart pictures to color

If you like animal crafts be sure to visit my list of Valentine animal crafts

Can you think of any other February crafts you would like to make?

Will you be making some of these Cute Crafts for Valentines Day?

cute crafts for valentines day

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