St Patrick Day Crafts For Kids

Some added luck with our St Patrick Day crafts for kids and this fun and festive mobile. 

It is 3D and all! What better luck than a four leaf clover you can hang anywhere.

Three leaf clovers are everywhere, and easy to find. But we challenge you to find the infamous four leaf clovers. Those are the lucky ones!

Send us a picture if you find any of these lucky little plants. 

We've created a 3D version to hang around the classroom or house. A mistletoe at Christmas is something to kiss under, maybe standing under this will give a bunch of good luck!

Four Leaf Clover Mobile

Hang up some luck around the house or classroom.

Craft Supplies:

  • Construction paper (green)
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Piece of string or ribbon

Step #1:

Cut out two clover shapes. 

A hint when doing this is trace four circles overlapping each other and add a stem in between two of them. 

Create a template and then cut these, as all sides of these will be seen.

Step #2:

Fold each clover in half. 

Step #3:

Glue the two folded edges together.

Allow these to dry.

Step #4:

Punch a hole in the top, for easy hanging.

Also write a message on it if you want. 

We added "Happy Saint Patricks Day" one word on each side.

Hang up a little luck to share with everyone who steps under it!

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Fill your St Patricks day with luck, luck and more good luck!

Laminate this four leaf clover to make sure you can hang it every year. All you have to do is laminate the two clovers before you glue them together. Add some longevity to your craft, turning it into a keepsake.

Hope you enjoyed these St Patrick Day crafts for kids we've made for you!

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