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Star Wars Activities for Kids

Star Wars activities for kids are brilliant all year long, whether you want to do them indoors on a wet windy day or in the garden on a hot Summer’s day!


I love educational ideas for kids and these are brilliant. The fact that they are based on Star Wars is even better!

These stimulate your children’s brains and give them a break from screen time.

Right now I am working on some new Star Wars crafts with toilet paper rolls, which I will share with you whenever they are finished! I am very excited about these and I am sure you are too!

My kids printables including my Harry Potter word search and Summer word search puzzles are immensely popular with children, so I can imagine these will go down well too!

What is included in this Star Wars Activity Pack

A fun word search puzzle

An A-Z challenge

A Word Scramble

I would say these are aimed at age 6 and upwards.

If you want to take a break from word puzzles you can always do my Star Wars paper craft with C3po

Some ideas on what to do with Stars Wars Word Scramble and Word Search

Obviously you can just print one of these and give them to your child for fun or you can make it a bit more interesting. 

You could print out lots and use them at a Birthday party. Then why not give a prize for whoever finishes theirs first or whoever gets theirs completed. 

Kids love challenges and games and this would be perfect. 

You can print the word search puzzle for free below:-

Star Wars Word Search Puzzle

Print the Star Wars word scramble with answers below:-

Star Wars word activities

Print the A-Z Challenge here:- star wars word game

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Will you be printing any of these Star Wars Activities for Kids?


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